• Trevon Harris
3 episodes
The After Hours podcast is a series where I bring in someone and we tackle a number of different topics.


After Hours Episode 3 - Impact of Video Games
2021 Apr 0644m 11s
We're back with another episode of After Hours, and in this one I bring the Clowns of the Roundtable in to discuss the impact of video games on our lives. A more lighthearted topic compared to the other episodes.
After Hours Episode 2 - Life, Death, & Religion
2021 Apr 051h 2m 33s
This episode of the podcast we dive into the topic of life, death, and religions with the Clowns of the Roundtable.
After Hours Episode 1 - Relationships and Self Love
2020 Nov 1640m 54s
In this episode of After Hours I bring in a friend of mine named Jordon and we tackle the topics of relationships and self love.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.