Welcome to Nostalgia
  • Lindsay Birss
6 episodes
We are going to select a random year and cover some of the exciting things that happened. What were the hottest toys? The latest trends? Best music? News Headlines and more. Do you remember the 1982 movie Poltergeist? Did you know that the movie is cursed and 4 members of the cast died soon after filming? Or that in 1997 when Leonardo DiCaprio is drawing that classic photo of Kate Winslet in Titanic, that's actually James Cameron, the Director, who is drawing the picture. Join me as I fill you heads with useless knowledge and Welcome to Nostalgia.


Episode 5 - 2001
2021 Jul 2129m 6s
America is under Attack, Time's "Man of the Year" is whack and the music industry is like crack. Welcome to 2001.
Episode 4 - 1969
2021 Jun 2627m
An 8 month pregnant actress is murdered, the brown acid is... BAD... and the moon walk is performed before Michael even thought about it. Welcome, to 1969.
Episode 3 - 1954
2021 Jun 0423m 2s
Comic books can make you bad, Getting struck by a meteor can make you sad and a big Hollywood actor is a racist fad. Welcome to 1954.
Episode 2 - 1987
2021 May 2127m 35s
A man shoots himself on live television.... a nine year old ghost haunts Ted Danson.... and an NHL dream team bring the Stanley Cup home to Canada. Welcome to 1987.
Episode 1 - 1995
2021 May 0633m 16s
Welcome to 1995, where music and movies were lit, tv was shit and if the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit.
Welcome To Nostalgia Trailer
2021 May 061m 28s
A trailer for my new Podcast "Welcome to Nostalgia", where I am going to pick a random year and go over some of the hottest and craziest things that happened. So tune it and subscribe if you want, while I fill your head with my useless knowledge. Welcome, to Nostalgia.
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