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Midlife is hectic, stressful and demanding. Weight gain, fatigue, joint pain and the like creep up on you in midlife, and before you know it, you’re struggling everyday to feel your best and battling just to live pain free. The challenge is that lack of sleep, high stress, and general lack of time leaves you stuck in neutral (or what feels like reverse!). But, it doesn't have to be this way. Midlife is also the time in your life with the greatest opportunity for growth. PEAK40 is all about living your best life in midlife. It's about conquering your performance goals and health challenges in your mid-30s, 40s, 50s and beyond rather than settling. Small changes, done consistently over time, yield incredible results. PEAK40 is your roadmap on the journey to better health, a better body, and your best performance in mid-life. PEAK40 is about making midlife, your best life!


Blood Tests, Biomarkers & What's Most Likely to Kill You in Midlife
2021 Jul 1527m 4s
In episode 10, Dr. Marc Bubbs discusses how a few simple tests at your annual physical can provide you with great insights on your current health status and disease risk (without having to spend extra hundreds of dollars on testing).  Marc shares clips from best-selling author Dr. Cate Shanahan, MD, along with insights from Associate Professor at National University Of Health Sciences Dr. Fraser Smith, ND, and expert in biomarkers for longevity. Dr. Richard Maurer, ND.
Mindset Roadblocks - Guilt, Shame & Lack of Confidence
2021 Jun 2630m 50s
In episode 9, Dr. Marc Bubbs discusses how lack of confidence (or too much), and emotions like guilt and shame sabotage your ability to trust the process and ultimately achieve your goals. Marc shares clips from best-selling author Eric Barker on confidence, work life balance and gratitude, as well as Dr. Inna Khazan, PhD from Harvard Medical School on the power of mindfulness to change the brain and how shame is arguable the most powerful emotion we can experience as humans (and the repercussions for mental and physical health).
Building Your Best Diet: Start with Protein
2021 Jun 1826m 8s
In episode 8, Dr. Marc Bubbs shares insights on why you should 'start with protein' when building out your meals for health and performance. Marc shares clips from protein experts Dr. Theo Ispolgou, PhD from Leeds Beckett University and Dr. Rob Morton, PhD from McMaster University, as well as insights from renowned sport dietitian Dr. Susan Kleiner, PhD. If you're wondering how to build your best diet, don't miss this episode!
Coffee and Caffeine: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
2021 Jun 1123m 10s
In episode 7, Dr. Marc Bubbs discusses the health benefits, and pitfalls, of coffee (and caffeine) intake. Marc shares clips from experts Dr. Nanci Guest, PhD and her work in nutrigenomics - how your genes impact how quickly you metabolize caffeine - as well as Dr. Eric Helms PhD who talks about how caffeine impacts strength training. Marc also shares a clip from his discussion with Brett Johnston of Pilot Coffee Roasters on the new science of decaf coffee. If you're wondering how to determine your coffee/caffeine dose, and whether coffee is 'good' for you, don't miss this episode!
Strength Training: Why You Need a Different Approach in Midlife
2021 Jun 0321m 55s
In episode 6, Dr. Marc Bubbs dives into the benefits of strength training for your mental, physical and overall health. Marc shares clips from experts Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, PhD and renowned strength coach Mike Robertson MS, CSCS to talk about why you need to train differently in midlife, the minimum you can do to still get significant results, how using lighter loads can save your joints and still lead to great strength gains, and once again, how patience and mindset are two keys to long-term success.
The 3 Key Areas of Sleep (And Pitfalls of Neglecting Them)
2021 May 2923m 18s
In episode 5, Dr. Marc Bubbs discusses a major root cause of low energy, low libido, low mood, low testosterone and poor recovery... lack of sleep! Marc shares clips from expert sleep researcher Dr. Cheri Mah, MD and sleep scientist Dr. Norah Simpson, PhD from Stanford School of Medice to highlight the negative effects of lack of sleep on mental and physical performance, but more importantly, how to actually start to implement strategies to improve sleep and recovery.
How To Start Conquering Your Cravings?
2021 May 2423m 54s
In episode 4, Dr. Marc Bubbs explores a fundamental roadblock to successful long-term weight loss... cravings! Marc shares clips from neuroscientist Stephan Guyenet, PhD to highlight the role of the brain in cravings, how the neurotransmitter dopamine drives 'reward' and can leave you stuck in poor dietary patterns, and how food variety might not be your best bet when trying to keep cravings in check. Marc shares strategies to start reducing your cravings to support energy, weight loss, and better health.
Time-Efficient Training: Where to Start?
2021 May 2021m 14s
In episode 3, Dr. Marc Bubbs talks time-efficient aerobic training and how to integrate HIIT into your routine. Marc shares clips from Dr. Martin Gibala, PhD, world-leader in HIIT research, and Zach Bitter, the world-record holder in the 100 mile ultra-marathon. Regardless if you're trying to get back into exercise, or wondering how to make a bigger impact with your shorter sessions, this episode lays the foundation for you!
The Single Biggest Reason You're Not Achieving Your Goals
2021 May 1730m 10s
In episode 2, Dr. Marc Bubbs dives into the importance of mindset in achieving your health, weight loss, and performance goals. Marc shares clips from Dr. Tara Swart, MD, PhD, neuroscientist from MIT Sloan and Dr. Peter Jensen, PhD, mental performance coach at Canada Basketball and to countless Olympians. If you're wondering why you're stuck, or still haven't achieve your goals, don't miss this podcast.
Should You Be Eating Or Fasting at Breakfast?
2021 May 1224m 18s
Midlife is busy, stressful and demanding. With all the noise online in the nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle space it's difficult to make sense of the information overload.
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