The NFL With CSF
  • Carter Fab
17 episodes
In this podcast I'll be taking about the NFL and the draft and making weekly recaps.


Episode 17, My return to my podcast and award predictions for next year
2021 Jul 025m 14s
In this episode I made my return to my podcast by predicting the awards for next season and teasing future episodes.
Episode 16, My Next Year Playoff Predictions
2021 May 148m 27s
Today I predicted the seeding for next years playoffs and who's going to the Super Bowl.
Episode 15, Finishing up Draft Grades
2021 May 0728m 40s
I did the second half of the draft grades today. Let me know if you have any episode suggestions or things you'd like to see me do in the future.
Episode 14, Draft Grades for 16 Teams
2021 May 0430m 34s
I graded the first 16 teams drafts in alphabetical order. Part 2 coming soon.
Episode 13, My Overview of Round 1
2021 Apr 3010m 4s
I talked about most of the picks, my winners, my losers, and a bit about the second round.
Episode 12, Second Round Mock Draft
2021 Apr 3013m 21s
Before round 2 I wanted to put out another mock draft. Keep watching out for more draft related episodes coming soon!
Episode 11, a For Fun Mock Draft
2021 Apr 2920m 18s
You can never have too many mock drafts! I wanted to do a for fun mock today before the draft.
Episode 10, My Final Mock Draft
2021 Apr 2830m 28s
Today I did my final 2 round mock draft. I don't expect almost any of these picks to be correct come draft night and this was just a fun mock. I had Mac Jones fall heavily which I know wont happen in real life but I chose not to do any trades in this mock. I was also a bit rushed at the end because my recording time was coming to an end. Let me know if you agree or disagree with any of my picks.
Episode 9, one player I think each team should draft part 2
2021 Apr 289m 55s
In this episode I went over the teams that finished 17-32 last season and one player I'd like to see them draft
Episode 8, The Browns
2021 Apr 2415m 10s
In this episode I did a 7 round mock draft for my favorite team and I rambled a bit and talked about their roster, needs, and next season potential. If you want to see me do this with other teams let me know and I'll try to get to it.