The Twelfth Doctor Fan Audios
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7 episodes
Non-profit, fan-made Doctor Who audio dramas about brand new adventures featuring the Twelfth Doctor. Stars Guillaume Babey as the Doctor and Laura Selwood as companion Ella Fitzallen.


Minisode - Time Lords Alone, Restless, Desperate in Solitude
2021 Jun 057m 46s
Episode 2 - Toxicology
2021 May 161h 8m 51s
Episode Transcript:
Faustina's Log (episode two Prequel)
2021 May 015m 15s
Trailer - Episode 2 - Toxicology
2021 Apr 181m 17s
Trailer for Episode 2, "Toxicology". The Doctor takes Ella on a trip to her first alien planet, the war-torn Trachmagillat.
Minisode - Heaven Sent in Shakespearean Verse
2021 Mar 221m 44s
Ever wondered what Doctor Who would sound like if it was written by William Shakespeare? No need to wonder any more!
Episode 1 - Christmas Alone
2021 Mar 2249m 42s
Content Warning – this story tackles themes of grief, isolation and depression.
Twelfth Doctor Fan Audios - Trailer
2021 Mar 221m 27s
A trailer for the upcoming season of "The Twelfth Doctor Fan Audios". The series stars Guillaume Babey as the Twelfth Doctor and Laura Selwood as wonderful new companion Ella Fitzallen. Join us for exciting new adventures with Twelve, including Ood on Jetskis, pirate battles on the high seas, Chronos, eater of worlds, and much more! The series is a non-profit, fan made passion project made by a talented group of fan writers, actors, and artists, who want to tell a set of unique and fresh Doctor Who stories. Watch this space for more!
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.