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A unique blend of positive commentary on personal growth and travel. I am not a mental health professional. I share healthy suggestions, routines and thought provoking information to inspire others to be the best version of themselves.


Catch a flight!
2021 Jul 037m 27s
Catch flights, not feelings! Now that things are a bit safer, how do you feel about traveling? In this episode, I share my experience on a recent flight. (Decisions to travel or receive a vaccination are an individual decision. This podcast in no way serves as medical guidance concerning Covid 19)
What is Success?
2021 Jun 129m 41s
In this episode we explore different definitions of success and invite you to think about what it means to you in your own personal life.
What do you think about Clubhouse?
2021 Feb 097m 11s
A quick overview of the Clubhouse App and my first impressions.
Happy New Year 🎉
2021 Jan 0411m 9s
Let’s set some goals for the new year while protecting our mental space 🥳
Chasing Your Dream -Education
2020 Dec 259m 13s
What does education mean to you?
2020 Dec 217m 1s
Sometimes it’s hard to make progress when you let too many outside factors get in the way!
Pause for Covid
2020 Dec 139m 52s
2020 wasn’t all bad. The benefits of pausing for Covid
2020 Nov 026m 31s
Believe and stay positive in spite of what’s happening around you. You can do it!
2020 Sep 247m 33s
Let’s encourage one another to be self empowered
Choose Happiness- Joy Stealers
2020 May 208m 34s
How do you maintain happiness in a world of drama?