• Aditya
4 episodes
This is to creating one last memory before all four of us shoot off to different places. This quarantine, 4 dudes in their late-teens come together to 'try' to talk about experiences and perspectives on different intellectual topics. What is the point? Well for one, you could learn something or two maybe just pass some time with some good laughs. Sorry in advance if you want to take us to court after this.


Bloopers #1
2020 Sep 085m 59s
In this really short cut of Chhichhore, Aryan worked his ass off to put the funniest bloopers together that didn't make the main podcast. Have some laughs and hopefully enjoy!
How Nature allowed us Idiots to exist Ft. Bharath
2020 Sep 0642m 39s
This time the useless 4 are joined by a very intellectual dude who happens to be one of the greatest thinkers they know. Just kidding, its only Bharath. Join them as they delve into important topics about the relationship between man and nature and as they reach the very roots of stupidity with their pointless talks. Grab some aspirin and maybe a gun cause one never knows how one might react to the Chhichhore!
As Happy as Happiness can get
2020 Sep 0356m 15s
They say a dog finds its happiness in a bone, a cat finds its happiness in a kitten corner, a child finds his in a Christmas gift. But wait, what is happiness in the first place? Why do we seek happiness? What makes us happy? The useless 4 go out to answer what all the great philosophers have failed to do so; well at least to share some of their insights. You will find out what happiness means to each one of us. Perhaps you will find out in the process what happiness means to you too!
A Humble Desperation for a Pilot
2020 Sep 0319m 32s
This episode, you guys are introduced to the Useless 4 i.e. your hosts - Aryan, Sanchit, Krishna and Aditya. Although it is no one's pleasure to know us, we talk about each other like any other teenager who makes a podcast. With hope that you guys will like it, we finally find the self-confidence to upload this. So enjoy and do not flood our dms with hate messages just yet, there are many more episodes for that.
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