Sessions With My Therapist
  • Angela Williams
9 episodes
Sessions With My Therapist is a podcast about me, Angela, and some of my friends, navigating through life with the help of our therapists. Sometimes I ask myself, what would my therapist say before I make a decision. Whether it be about quitting my job, restarting school or cussing a chick out, I always rely on the lessons I've learned in therapy. This podcast shares those sessions with you. Hopefully, they'll help you to navigate through your own WWMTS moments.


A Decade In A Dark Room with Sophia Carter
2021 Jul 3053m 21s
We talk with Sophia Carter, managing partner of Rhapsody Behavioral Healthcare, about her experiences with finding a therapist that was a good fit for her. We discuss her mental health diagnosis and what is was like finally seeing light after a decade in a dark room. If you are in the state of Illinois and need professional mental healthcare from a caring team, please click the link above and visit Rhapsody Behavioral Healthcare. Thank you for tuning in to season 1 of Sessions With My Therapist. We're taking a break to upgrade our content but will be back soon with that hot fire! I encourage you to continue listening and sharing all of our previous episodes. If you'd like to join our community, visit or find us on FB at Sessions With My Therapist. Music Credit: Essence by Tobylane
You Don't Get Access To My Sacred Space
2021 Jul 2134m 9s
What does self-care look like? We know that it's different for everyone and on this episode we talk with Talia Lauren, mua and designer,  about how she finds peace and self-care in a chaotic world. Find Talia Lauren on IG at mua_talialaurenMusic Credit:Essence by Tobylane
The Spirit Plays No Games
2021 Jul 131h 20m 5s
This week Lezlee Bee, spiritual counselor, joins us to talk spirituality and mental health and also gives me a reading (unedited and found at the end of the episode.) To contact Lezlee Bee:IG: TarotVybezFB: LezleeBeeWebsite: Lovelyvybez.comText: (585)735-9153Email: LovelyVybez@gmail.comMusic Credit: Essence by Tobylane
You Will Be Just Fine
2021 Jul 0556m 4s
Monique Eason joins the podcast to talk about her childhood, her young adulthood and how life (with the help of therapy) has taught her how to navigate her way through relationships, divorce and failure to one of happiness and full of possibilites.  This podcast is done in partnership with Reach Back, Leap Forward, a community mentorship group. This organization provides mentorship to children, including jobs, life coaching and more. If you are interested in mentoring, providing opportunities for youth or want to connect your child with a mentor, call Jimmy Towns at (901)503-9474Music Credit: Essence by tobylane
Sh!t Just Didn't Work Out
2021 Jun 285m 9s
This is a mini-episode of Sessions With My Therapist. My co-host, Natasha, and I have parted ways. This episodes dives into what happened and what you can expect from SWMT in the future.  You can find me on FB at Sessions With My Therapist or visit my website at to listen, leave comments or send an email. I hope you'll stick around and enjoy new episodes starting July 5. Song Credit: Essence by tobylane
Dark Gay Fat & Female
2021 Jun 141h 2m 22s
Host Angela and Natasha discuss Angela's personal experiences growing up fat, gay, dark and female. She explores her traumas and shares the lessons she's learned on her journey to feeling fabulous.
Dream Out Loud!
2021 May 241h 2m 46s
Joe shares his experiences as a gay man navigating his way to living the life of his dreams with the help of therapy and dreaming out loud. And FASHION. Lots of fashion.
Love and Loss with Julius
2021 May 1733m 17s
Julius, aka, Caesar, shares his story of loss, healing and what it means to be a single father.
Let's Get To Work with Rebecca Cochran
2021 May 1038m 57s
Angela and Natasha discuss existing barriers that challenge the African American community face when seeking therapy. Licensed counselor Rebecca Cochran joins us to discuss how to interview a therapist, what to expect during your first session and also how to break up when you're just not feeling it.
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