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New Episodes every other day!! If Trading success was all about strategy there would be only one strategy that worked and anybody could be a Trading success! Day Trading can be rewarding both mentally and financially, but it comes with its own set of hurdles when it comes to developing the psychology, mindset and emotional stability to reach consistent profitability. Join Jason E, (Day Trader, NLP Practitioner, LIfe Coach, Corporate Trainer) as he provides time tested, science based research and interviews the best industry related resources to provide the action steps and paradigm shifting wisdom to help you ascend as a human and thus a professional trader. While discussing topics related to personal development, spiritual growth and Day Trading, this podcast provides thought provoking concepts and success energy with tangible tips to help us evolve as humans and thus professional traders.If you understand success in Trading requires improving your psychology just as much or more than your Trading strategy join the fast growing Trading Ascension community


Season 2 Finale Lessons learned
2021 Jul 3119m 9s
To close out an incredible season 2 of the Trading Ascension Podcast, I recap some lessons learned and talk about what's to come. Be sure to check out the Trading Ascension website. We will see you back early September 2021! Yaaaaaaaa!
How To Gain Explosive Growth During Rest Periods
2021 Jul 2417m 3s
When playing the long game we have to stay balanced with drive and rest. In this episode I talk about a few tactics to growth while you are resting.
Fuel Your Perseverance With Momentum.
2021 Jul 2012m 48s
First off I'm losing my voice but don't let the dry sound deter you from the power message on using momentum to battle 3 of the biggest foes to challenge us on the goal path.  We here all the time we will win if we persevere. In this episode I break down, how implementing one simple but not easy strategy can help you against all of the 3 of the biggest challenges to persevering.
Learning The Importance Of Detachment Interview W/ Flowing River
2021 Jul 1652m 50s
For the first time a mystic poet and ascension guide joins the TA Podcast. You don't want to miss this powerful conversation in which to talk about Mind, Body and Spirit alignment. Flowing River has an incredible journey and shares how to balance your spirituality with the necessity of money. He also tells us how to build detachment in order to avoid the pain it can cause in your life.
Injecting Logic - Interview W/ Mental Game Coach Jared Tendler
2021 Jul 1547m 30s
Tune in to this powerful episode with Mental Game Coach Jared Tendler. We cover the misaligned thinking that hinders any mindset development and also talk in depth about the underlying flaws that block success in trading.  Check out the show notes at Trading  for links to a free book for experienced Traders and listen till the end of the show for the contest rules to get a Complementary Signed Copy of Jared's book "The Mental Game of Trading".
Receiving A Needed Solution - Simple Steps To Get The Next Answer
2021 Jul 1224m 20s
In this episode I talk about a simple process to help you reach your next needed solution. Sometimes we can feel stuck or just not know what to do next to get to the desired result.  Discover a few simple actions to take that will always get you closer to the end result you need as you move the meter toward your goal.
61 Years of Trading Experience - The Larry Pesavento Story
2021 Jul 091h 10m 56s
In this rare interview with Larry Pesavento, you'll here a story that starts with trading in the 1960's. Ups, downs, huge wins, losses  and a ton of wisdom.  I was captivated by Larry's story and some of the tails from life with Trading throughout the decades. The California good life, Chicago CME floor and meeting Mark Douglas & Paula Webb to become great friends. Listen for the success lessons he learned and some of the books he suggest.
Are Winners Born? (3 Action Steps To Build The Right Mindset For Success)
2021 Jul 0715m
In this episode I share powerful lessons from a new book I'm reading. This book talks about studies that show the huge difference between the 2 potential mindsets we can have in life.  I'll break down the tendencies of each way of thinking and then provide 3 actions steps to help you build the mindset you need to reach your next level.
5 Self-Investment Ideas To Ensure You Dominate the Rest of 2021
2021 Jul 0622m 33s
We are midyear and if you haven't already it's time to pick your head up and check on your progress. What adjustments can you make, what's working, what's not working?  In this episode I share 5 suggestions on ways to self invest and focus on to add extra fuel to your actions and the goal journey.
The Improv Of Existence (5 Tips To Ease The Fight With Life)
2021 Jul 0421m 23s
In this episode I talk I share a inspiration given to me just moments before it started. I canned the original topic did a little research and decided to explain how the 5 rules of improv can help us life a life that is less of a fight.  If you are in a fight with your reality, times are seemingly getting worst and worst here are 5 rules to help turn the ship around.