• Olivia Taylor
20 episodes
Earth Cast is a platform for discussions about bridging the resource gap between people and planet. Olivia Taylor (@olivia_earth) will be interviewing a series of changemakers, thinkers, and disruptors and asking them about their areas of expertise. Together we will discover fresh perspectives and the most useful levers in society for change. The main question that will be explored is: how are trade-offs made between people, planet, and profit? More specifically, how do we solve wicked problems and make decisions at the margin?


EP20 Dr Harriet Davies-Mostert | Partnerships for Conservation
2021 Jul 0126m 25s
In this episode Olivia Taylor (@olivia_earth) speaks to Dr Harriet Davies-Mostert about honey badgers & bee keepers, family planning for women and girls and how this affects conservation, aligning business with biodiversity, the importance of partnerships & collaboration, working with Eskom, the African Wild Dog Program, and so much more!
EP19 Faine Loubser | The Great African Sea Forest
2021 Jun 2425m 55s
In this episode Olivia Taylor speaks to Faine Loubser about The Great African Sea Forest, emotional ecology, ocean accessibility, marine protected areas, cold water swimming, independent media, strategic partnerships, and so much more!
EP18 Roushanna Gray | The Art of Foraging & Immersive Nourishment
2021 Jun 1519m 27s
In this episode Olivia Taylor speaks to Roushanna Gray about food as a powerful learning tool & connector that all people can relate to, access to land & limiting policies, the importance of preserving plant & animal names in vernacular, the untapped potential of seaweeds, whether foraging is a romanticised notion, how to personally re-connect with nature, and so much more!
EP17 Aaniyah Omardien | World Oceans Day & The Importance of Community
2021 Jun 0720m 45s
In this episode Olivia Taylor speaks to Aaniyah Omardien about World Ocean's Day & restoring historic injustice, the innovative work being done by The Beach Co-Op, storytelling & the power of community, the colonial context of conservation in South Africa, the role of women and girls in the marine environment, and so much more!
EP16 Samir Randera-Rees | Water Wars & Poverty Traps
2021 Jun 0351m 36s
In this episode Olivia Taylor speaks to Samir Randera-Rees about the importance of intergenerational storytelling, Strategic Water Source Areas (SWSAs), poverty traps & environmental degradation, building stakeholder trust, understanding & respecting community needs & their solutions, and so much more!
EP15 Elzanne Singels | Plants! Conservation vs Commercialisation
2021 May 3116m 42s
In this episode Olivia Taylor speaks to Elzanne Singels about the wonders of fynbos, archeology & how human's relationships with plants have changed: conservation to commercialisation, the inaccessibility of nature & biodiversity in South Africa, the role of plants in human evolution, the dangers of industrial agriculture, and so much more!
EP14 Niharika Elety | Regenerative Fashion
2021 May 2724m 9s
In this episode Olivia Taylor speaks to Niharika Elety about regenerative fashion, sustainable supply chains and the people behind them, the real cost of a garment & affordability, the role humans play in the ecosystem, greenwashing, and so much more!
EP13 Jolynn Minnaar | Fracking, Film & The Future of Energy
2021 May 2542m 23s
In this episode Olivia Taylor speaks to Jolynn Minnaar about fracking in the Karoo, economic development & job opportunities, gender-based violence, storytelling, dispelling myths about the gas industry, the possibility of a just renewable energy transition & divesting, climate change, Eskom's rolling power cuts, building inclusive wildlife filmmaking communities, and so much more!
EP12 Andile Ngcobo | Agribusiness, Bees & Opportunities
2021 May 2034m 3s
In this episode Olivia Taylor speaks to Andile Ngcobo about financial savviness, agriculture supply chain trends, the transition from subsistence production to commercial farming & the use of pesticides, bees & climate resilience, upskilling, the limitless career opportunities that lie in the agri sector, and agriculture as a viable investment opportunity.
EP11 Maxine Gray | Philanthropy vs Impact Investing | Partnership or Competition?
2021 May 1339m 2s
In this episode Olivia speaks to Maxine Gray about the history and role of the sustainable development goals, financial services’ ability to enable responsible and impact seeking investment behaviours, the role of philanthropy in achieving the SDGs and its potential to focus on creating strong partnerships, tackling global problems with local innovation, and so much more!