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What to do if you have been involved in a road accident?
2021 Jul 285m 7s
There are a lot of things you can do to prevent an accident on the road...
Thinking of an idea? Here's what you should do
2021 Jul 272m 47s
In the age of smart gadgets, it is easy to be 100% dependent on them... But do not underestimate the power of a simple pen and paper.
What makes people tick in Standup Comedy?
2021 Jul 213m 1s
Doing comedy is truly an art!
Extra Time: What makes brand loyalty work
2021 Jul 194m 44s
Loyalty is a very powerful word. It's what keeps a relationship work for a long time or even till the end.
How e-commerce websites advertise for free?
2021 Jul 143m 50s
Who doesn't like free money!
Should helmets be compulsory?
2021 Jul 122m 29s
Should the tool to protect your head be compulsive?
What can you do for a sustainable future?
2021 Jul 092m 33s
From an environment damage tracker app to how you can (re)use an old t-shirt to investing in timeless pieces and reducing the culture of fast fashion.
Why you need to apply design thinking in your life
2021 Jul 073m 29s
Organisations are slowly waking up to understand the relevance of design thinking and the positive impact it can have on brands, products, businesses, or society at large.
Understand how digital media makes money
2021 Jul 052m 18s
While all other businesses rely heavily on sales, internet companies like Facebook, Spotify, Youtube, and others, work a little differently!
How can nascent sports become mainstream events
2021 Jun 284m 33s
The world of sports for a long time has been dominated by football and cricket.