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Ephesians 5:11 Have nothing to do with Fruitless deeds of Darkness, But rather Expose Them. Hunt#SouthKerr PodCast is Bringing The Deceivers to Light. The Mainstream Tv Media. TV Tells a Vision With Programs Programming you to think what ever they say is the Truth. It’s Comedy , Satire, Facts, Conspiracy’s, Masterpiece of a Show. I’m From Texas Support are President Donald Trump And Love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Check out my YouTube South Kerr and my Website


EXPOSING THEM Election Fraud
2021 Jan 068m 42s
Got Trump talking about shredding votes it’s all around Bringing the Truth to light on the election Fraud also Jim Caviezel inspirational speech
Nashville Christmas Bombing Exposing Them part1
2020 Dec 316m 24s
South Kerr exposes that a Bomb feel out of the Sky. Plus extreme language of pure comedy a must listen to
Nashville Christmas Bombing RV Didn’t have a Bomb Exposed
2020 Dec 274m 44s
Look no RV blew up plus AT&T had the Contract on the Dominion voting matching to do a Forensic adit.
Christmas & Apollo Moon mission Lies
2020 Dec 264m 52s
Little girl ask Santa where are you at in the Bible? He Replied the Scripture that Says Satan Deceived the World. 60’s Technology could travel 248,000 miles and walk on the Moon. 72 to 2020 technology can’t?
Mail in Voting you can’t Cheat, Send That Vaccine in the Mail I’ll send it back
2020 Dec 263m 28s
45% voter fraud of this past election was based on Mail in Voting. It’s okay to Swarm the Streets in Thousands to Protest or should I say Riot burn buildings cars statues etc. The Democrats claim Mail in Voting is 100% safe you can’t cheat. It’s okay that millions go into Walmart everyday wait in lines to get there items checkout but No can’t set in line to Vote. Well The Democrats want everyone to take this 666 mark of the beast death shot. I say Mail that Vaccine to my address I’ll give the Vaccine to myself then send it back to you. It’s Safe no one could possibly lie 100% safe you can’t cheat.
DR. Fake Taking Vaccine
2020 Dec 233m 26s
Yes During live News got Two Doctor’s the one giving the Vaccine shot you can see clearly he never even put it in the other Dr skin. You can also see plain as day that he doesn’t even press down on the syringe. Talk about a spit in my Face
Send Vaccine in Mail
2020 Dec 236m 6s
So since the Democrats say Mail I’m Voting is safe accurate and can’t be false voting how about you send me the Vaccine in the Mail and I’ll give it to myself and send it back to you. South Kerr I put the J in Genius
Covid19 Hoax Vaccine Mark of the Beast
2020 Dec 227m 37s
Look Who in the Hell needs a Vaccine when there is a 99% survival rate to Covid19. The Flu first discovered in 1933 87 years ago and the vaccine for it is 45% effective but in one year Covid vaccine solved done the most deadliest virus ends as soon as you take that 666 Mark of the Beast death Shot. 1st Pod cast South Kerr I put the J in Genius
South Kerr Podcast
2020 Dec 1952s
I Brief Introduction of what this Legendary Masterpiece Podcast is about South Kerr I Put The J In Genius
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