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Poetryartarc is a self-supporting artist group committed to discover and honour the best artists and to place it before the largest possible audience. This podcast is a great way to immerse yourself in creative thinking, reflection, and poetry all at the same time. The goal of this podcast is to take a poem and allow the listener to just melt away in it. You may suddenly find yourself in summer in the countryside or stumbling along on a winter night.


An Ode To Chocolate
2020 Jul 065m 14s
Interestingly, each day during the week has its own significance and charm and today is World Chocolate Day.
Answer July By Emily Dickinson
2020 Jul 011m 21s
You’re listening to the Poetry Cruise Podcast presented by Poetryartarc, the show that brings you a library of literary poems.  With your host,ChuChu.
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