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Made for the fans by the fans over the love of football. Be prepared for discussions on most footballing affairs, tactical analysis, match previews, reviews, transfer talk and all of the above.


The BoP Podcast Episode 10: Fan Content
2021 Jul 281h 23m 47s
Today we're joined by Nom and Wave as we talk about the impact of fan content on the football world. From AFTV to Football Twitter we talk in depth of our opinions on the genre of content.
The BoP Podcast Episode 9: Positional scouting
2021 Jul 211h 34m 36s
Today, CK, Z and George talk all about positional scouting. The lads cover everything from general concepts to position by position specifics.
The BoP Podcast Episode 8 - EPL Adaptation: Essentials to make it in the Premier League.
2021 Jul 121h 9m 22s
Today the lads talk about the necessary traits to make it in the EPL, especially if players come from abroad. We compare different leagues and talk about what players need to make that jump successfully.
The BoP Podcast Episode 7: What Arsenal means to us w/@nomanuali
2021 Jul 051h 3m 21s
The usual crew are joined once again by @nomanuali to talk about one of our greatest passions, the Arsenal. We talk about how each of us got into the club, fond memories with Arsenal as well as how we feel about the club.
The BoP Podcast Ep 6: The Youth of Arsenal w/@nomanulali
2021 Jun 211h 32m 43s
Today the guys and nom discuss everything to do with the youth coming through at Arsenal. From structural changes to the academy including personnel and philosophy to exciting prospects coming through the ranks.
The BoP Podcast Ep 5: - Chilled Discussions & Banter
2021 Jun 141h 28m 7s
In this episode we are joined by A1 (@A1ZH4RY) alongside the usual crew just to take a step back from the serious topics and just have a normal fun footballing discussion. In this podcast, we discuss the Euros, Premier League and stay tuned for a Curran Special towards the end..
The BoP Podcast Ep 4: The Tactics of it all - A 433 vs 4231 discussion
2021 Jun 071h 4m 59s
The lads start with the basics breaking down phases of play and some basic definitions so you build your own team with your specific vision! We walk through zones vs. Formations and end on the penultimate case of the pros and cons for 4-2-3-1 vs 4-3-3.
The BoP Podcast Ep 3: - The Arsenal Season Review
2021 May 311h 18m 36s
In this episode we are joined by Mo (@JimmyConway) and the panel to discuss the season overall at Arsenal. We take a look at the games, the injuries and the loans and give our verdict at the end.
The BoP Podcast Ep 2: The Mikel Arteta Discussion - The Breakdown
2021 May 241h 17m 37s
We talk about Mikel Arteta in depth in this breakdown and we discuss and breakdown his stint so far and what he can achieve with Arsenal. This was discussed with the panel @CC_BoP2 @PrivarsenalZ @PureCkk @GeorgeV_AFC as we look to see what is in store for the future
The BoP Podcast Ep 1: The Arsenal Background Overhaul with @A1ZH4RY
2021 May 171h 8m 17s
We talk about an in depth breakdown of the massive background overhaul achieved at the club over the last several years. Amongst the usual parties in @CC_BoP2 @PrivarsenalZ @PureCkk @GeorgeV_AFC we are also happy to be joined by @A1ZH4RY as we look to project what it means for the club going forward.
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