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Foodspace Pod is an opportunity for food and nutrition professionals to dive deep into subject matter they're especially passionate about through conversational interviews with an intersectional lens.


What is Food Safety?
2021 Jul 2632m 44s
Join Ayo & Kayla in the foodspace as they chat with guest, Bryan Armentrout, about food safety.
Is There a Business Case For Reducing Food Waste?
2021 Jul 1940m 28s
Join Kayla & Ayo in conversation with Dr. Liz Goodwin from the World Resources Institute about all things food waste & loss.
Learn With Us: Food Allergies
2021 May 2127m 57s
Bringing food allergy awareness and information from a nutrition and regulatory perspective with a fun snack chat!
What Are Fermented Proteins?
2021 May 171h 3m 28s
Learn about fermented proteins, dairy without the cow, and the exciting field of nutrition communication! Special guest - Kathleen Nay of Perfect Day.
Learn With Us: Food Waste
2021 Apr 2231m 37s
Join Kayla & Ayo for a mini-episode as they discuss and learn more about food waste and food loss.
Who is Responsible for Our Nutrition?
2021 Mar 261h 5m 2s
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What is Foodspace Pod?
2021 Mar 2625m 29s
Launch into the food space with Ayo & Kayla, where we share Thoughts for Food with industry professionals. Follow us on Instagram @foodspacepod.
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