The Adventure of Boi
  • Avery Clarke
139 episodes
Boi and Friends get in to mysterious and funny situations. Which can cause problems in their lives.


Mucus, Mucus...Back Again!
2021 Jun 209m 28s
Welcome Back To The Final part of Betty's growing hair. Tune in and find out if Jerry and Boi can help save Betty. Will they be able to bring back her mucus? Tune in and find out...
Smooth Like...No You Bald
2021 May 286m 36s
We are back! Tune in as we continue the Puberty Season of "The Adventure of Boi". Let's get back to the story where Betty was still hairy and decided to order a shampoo. Let's see what happens when she gets it. Will it change her? Will it work? Let's find out...
Hairy Betty
2021 May 134m 36s
We are back with another episode of the comedy "The Adventure of Boi"! Tune in as Betty's condition seems to have worsen and she doesn't know what to do. Will Boi and Jerry be able to help? Let's tune in and find out...
Fuzzy Betty
2021 May 076m 2s
It's time for a new episode of "The Adventure of Boi"! Tune in as Betty returns from vacation with a few changes about her. Will Boi and Jerry figure out what is going on? Or will Boi create havoc with Betty? Tune in and find out....
Time To Deordorize
2021 Apr 214m 34s
Tune in as we continue with the story of "The Adventure of Boi". Boi now understands he needs to get rid of his odor, so he takes Jerry to Fallmart with him. Let's see if Boi can get Jerry to join team Deodorant.
Sweaty Munk
2021 Apr 094m 6s
Boi is not ready to go to school with everyone calling him, "Sweaty Munk". Tune in as we continue with the story. Will Boi be able to survive school? Will there be problem? Where is Betty? Tune In and find out...
Is That You...Boi?
2021 Mar 304m
Episode 2 of Season 7! Tune in where we left Jerry and Boi still trying to figure out where that smell is coming from. Will they figure it out? Where is Betty during all of this? Tune in...
What's That Smell?
2021 Mar 183m 59s
We are back!!! WE ARE BACK!!! Welcome back to "The Adventure of Boi" as we start our new season off with a funk. Tune in as we begin with Boi and Jerry about to play some basketball but a weird smell arises. Let's see whats up as we start SEASON 7!
Season Finale: Boi's Christmas Carol - Finale
2020 Dec 2310m 6s
32 Episodes This Season!! We want to thank you all for tuning each week to "The Adventure of Boi". We want to wish everyone a "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!" Now here is the season finale and also the conclusion of "Boi's Christmas Carol". Let's Tune In....
Boi's Christmas Carol - Part 3
2020 Dec 176m 50s
It's time for another "The Adventure of Boi" Christmas Special!! Tune in this week as we continue with Part 3 of Boi's Christmas Carol. See how Boi handles meeting the Christmas Spirit of the Present. Will he be able to handle seeing the problems in his life now a days?