I’ve got something to say
  • Madeleine Patterson
5 episodes
I’m Maddi and this is my Podcast ‘I’ve got something to say’, where I speak my mind on female issues, world news, mental health, personal experiences, randomness and just being a Young woman in my early 20’s navigating this world. I want this podcast to help other young women to speak their mind and share experiences in a safe space and hope to be a friendly voice young women can relate to.


Overthinking & Comfort Zones!
2021 Jun 2740m 28s
Todays episode I dive into two things I personally know too well - Overthinking and Comfort Zones and how jeopardising both can be to your personal growth. I talk about my own experiences and feelings as I myself navigate how to push through these barriers.
Crocs, Chats & Rupaul's Drag Race
2021 Jun 1544m 36s
Welcome to Episode 4!
Acne, Body Image and Self Love
2021 May 271h 47s
Hello again everyone, and welcome to my second episode of 'Ive got something to say'. This episode I focus on my own experiences with Acne, body image and loving myself/yourself despite all the messages thrown at women on how to look.
A step in the right direction
2021 May 1629m 17s
Hello I'm Maddi and welcome to my very first episode of 'I've got something to say'. This episode is an introduction to who I am and how this journey came about. This is just a simple, raw and sometimes rambling episode and I hope you enjoy it and maybe even come along and listen in the future!
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