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Chatting smack about Australian politics and culture, with a radical left spin.


20 - The Battle of Broadway, Sydney (c. 2021, colourised)
2021 Jul 2844m 48s
If a horse named Tobruk gets punched at an anti-lockdown rally, is valor stolen or gained?
19 - The Euros didn't come home last night
2021 Jul 2042m 24s
The British response to a devastating loss, Where's Scotty, Kevin 07 pulls rank, and the ACTU has dangerously misled the working class.
18 - You're not invited to my Labor birthday Party
2021 Jul 0852m 58s
We chat the labor party, Bob Hawke being a CIA op, and lounging in the boozer after lockdown.
Who put COVID in my Weetbix?
2021 Jul 0642m 14s
We chat the Sydney COVID outbreak, governmental responses, and pompus columnists.
16 - When the Fat Ladies' Arms Sing
2021 Jun 1750m 35s
We talk the G7 Summit and call on the media to stop bullying the Deputy PM. We also talk a bit about the Ben Robert-Smith case, at the risk of running into some defo issues.
15 - Hardly Gerry Harvey ft. @caitlancooper
2021 Jun 141h 15m 39s
Gerry Harvey's dividendseeker payments, Christian Porter and Sex in the City, with special guest @caitlancooper
14 - NSW How to Vote Guide
2021 Jun 0448m 47s
Today we're presenting a serious, and detailed, analysis of some of the fine members, and former members, of the NSW government. We have also got a new lead on the origins of COVID19....
13 - Gas Fired Government
2021 Jun 0152m 24s
Gas-fired power plants, space force and getting dabbed on by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
12 - The Irony Zone
2021 May 2146m 59s
Our heroes chat about the excitement surrounding the federal budget, naught NSW MPs and a mice plague of biblical proportions.
11 - Chris Kenny in the Mirror ft. @caitlancooper
2021 May 141h 2m 52s
We review the Sky News documentary, Men In The Mirror, about Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd being lovers or something. With special guest @caitlancooper.