Welcome To Earth: Adventures In Modern Family Life
  • Aaron Ableman
14 episodes
With the Welcome To Earth podcast you will join United Nations award-winning artist/author/actor, Aaron Ableman as he delves into the vast universe of family life. The Welcome To Earth show was inspired by the birth of his daughter and the acclaimed book he wrote for her, a collection of 365 letters and meditations created everyday of her first year alive. The aim of the book, the podcast and brand at-large is to build a movement for self-care, creativity and generational wisdom with families everywhere. Episodes feature award-winning artists, actors, authors, experts and visionaries covering topics like birth and death, sleep and the unconscious, nature and nurture, healthy eating and nutrition, race-class, wonder and exploration, social-emotional intelligence, meditation, and conscious parenthood. All in a way that is directed toward helping you and your family have fun, while learning and growing together forever. We know, it sounds like a lot! But it’s a lot because, well... life is a lot! And when you’re a new soul that’s freshly landed on earth at this wild time, you’ve gotta have some sage guidance. So, since we’re on this ride together, we might as well make the most of it. One story, one song and one heart at a time. More info can be found at www.aaronableman.com.


Emmai Alaquiva "In Art We Trust"
2021 Jun 2335m 6s
Emmy award-winning filmmaker, activist and cinematic poet, Emmai Alaquiva, joins host Aaron Ableman in a dope conversation on the power of hip-hop, art and mentorship. For example, Emmai breaks down how the 4 elements of hip-hop - graffiti, breakdancing, djing and emceeing - are metaphors for how we live our lives. Imagine if we all could approach our self-inquiry, social relationships and life goals through the lens of such elemental creativity! Perhaps humanity might see the bigger purpose of our lives?
Luisah Teish "Mythmaking For An Uncertain World"
2021 Jun 1650m 5s
Author, myth weaver and priestess, Luisah Teish, joins Host Aaron Ableman in bridging the ancient with modern world and what it means to pass on healing traditions during a time of sickness, amnesia and upheaval. Luisah shares her profound life story, the influence of her own mother’s tales and proverbial ways, plus all the complexities of being raised as a black woman in the Southern United States during pre-civil rights era! A New Orleans girl, Luisah’s life is like a movie, with tragedy, triumph and angelic mentors showing up to save her life just in the nick of time. With the power of education, storytelling and held together by a unique spiritual vision, her message is both simple and profound. We hope you join us for this special offering to find out why!
Katie Chonacas "Why Healing Yourself Heals The World"
2021 Jun 091h 21m 54s
Renaissance woman, artist/actress and producer Katie Chonacas, joins Host Aaron Ableman in a heart-filled adventure through the twists & turns of being an artist with purpose in this crazy world. Katie shares the sacrifices & joys of following a spiritual path with a healer’s sense, as an artist no less! Possessing a monk-like focus to travel the world in search of one's human potential, Katie is that rare example of living life from the inside out. And it’s led to remarkable success’ as a poet-author, podcaster/media personality and actress-producer! Here’s to all of us revealing a similar spark of wildness --- with the discipline, purpose and courage to awake into our dreams!
Dr. Erin McMorrow "The Perils and Blessings of a Higher Calling"
2021 Jun 0248m 43s
Dr Erin McMorrow   Author and Spiritual Courage Guide, Dr Erin McMorrow, joins Host Aaron Ableman in a vulnerable exploration on how to break free from family and society’s limiting boxes. Dr McMorrow shares key moments in her story when a higher calling to serve the planet and her own soul took precedence over the demands, critiques and judgements of her family. Traveling the globe at the speed of faith. Finding allegiance in God and the eternal rather than safety and security. These are some of the leaps of faith that Dr Erin discusses in this awesome storytelling journey. Perhaps we all can find some wisdom and affinity with these archetypes and questions?
Sylvester McNutt "The Art Of Living"
2021 May 261h 8m 28s
Celebrity author and devoted dad, Sylvester McNutt III, joins host Aaron Ableman in a catalytic journey through childhood, consciousness and mental health. Sylvester breaks down pivotal moments in his life when choosing one’s inner voice above the noise of family or society was the right thing to do. By choosing God, sanity and wellness, he was able to rise above a dysfunctional and toxic upbringing to live a fulfilling life. And as a result of such convictions or resilience tactics, Sylvester has reached millions of people through his books, courses and message - a message we all need to hear right now.
Lawrence Haskins "An Altruistic Commitment to the Next Generation"
2021 May 1947m 44s
Renowned screenwriter and devoted father, Lawrence Haskins, joins host Aaron Ableman in a conversation on overcoming challenging family relationships through radical forgiveness, hard/heart work and an altruistic commitment to the next generation. As a storyteller, web creator and dynamic creator, Lawrence shares why the tales we tell ourselves and the world matter almost as much as the things that actually happen to us in the first place. As the old saying goes: does art imitate life or life imitate art?
Nashira Baril and Leseliey Welch "Birthing A New World"
2021 May 1257m 40s
Host Aaron Ableman is joined by Nashira Baril and Leseleiy Welch, the co-founders of Birth Center Equity, a national network of BIPOC-led birthing and family health centers. Delving into the personal and collective histories of how humans come into this world, why it’s so important we have equity, health and excellence for birth workers and much more, this episode is a love letter to the life givers of the world. Let's laugh, cry and heal together!
Alkemia Earth "Turning Trials into Triumph"
2021 May 0545m 6s
Renowned energy healer and life coach, Alkemia Earth is full of powerful wisdom and stories for this special episode on how to turn trials into triumphs. Through her remarkable journey overcoming almost insurmountable odds, including becoming a mother to many children at a very young age, Alkemia reminds us that we can overcome anything through inner work. By looking at life as energy, the world opens up to us based on the dedication, perspective and consciousness we bring to each moment.
Yissendy Trinidad "The Power Of Faith In All Things"
2021 Apr 2842m 56s
Host Aaron Ableman is joined by Actress-Singer-Author Yissendy Trinidad in a discussion of how family and the sage guidance we received in childhood can create a foundation of success or struggle. Trinidad accredits her faith in God and her love for her craft to her resilience in overcoming many challenges in Hollywood, especially as an immigrant-artist to Trinidad authored the wonderful new book “Aim For The Stars” and a thriving acting career.
Stephan Nicoleau “Parenting The Planet”
2021 Apr 2142m 14s
Take a walk on the trading-floors of the future to see what happens when money is put to good use in the most critical issue facing humanity today: the climate and biosphere. Welcome To Earth host, Aaron Ableman, is joined by Stephan Nicoleau of Full Cycle Fund to speak about his personal journey, from life as an immigrant to the mighty work he does in the world.