Unsolicited Unqualified Therapy (UUT)
  • Enrique Orellana
10 episodes
Giving out advice that we are totally unqualified to give, helping out our friend Alex get through his emotions, love life, and all those juicy topics.


So much knowledge pushes the hair back?!
2021 Jun 041h 11m 56s
Say hi to our 3rd guest ! Matt King! He comes on and tells some hilarious stories. Come by and meet him also follow him on Instagram! @mattseanking
Our Worst Qualities
2021 May 141h 6m 7s
In this poddy we get results from the San Diego case, discuss some unpopular opinions and get insight into Adam and Alexs relationship. Also is Alex a future dentist serial killer? Follow us on Instagram @ uttpodcast
Why Alex Can’t Talk to Strangers
2021 Apr 291h 2m 59s
Guys we finally did it ! We finally gave good advice ! Tune into hear the advice we gave Alex on problems he’s having. Follow us on Instagram @uutpodcast
Men Don’t Have Personalities
2021 Apr 141h 25m 1s
On today’s episode we have on our friend Valeria. We also take a personality test and find out we suck. Follow us on Instagram: @uutpodcast
The San Diego Life
2021 Mar 2459m 22s
Welcome back Everyone! On today’s podcast we discuss Alex’s life out in San Diego and his eating habits.
Alex Simps over UCLA Follow
2021 Jan 211h 9m 34s
We wanted our audience to get to know us better by answering their questions.
Jinx You Owe Me a Kiss
2021 Jan 121h 7m 7s
On today’s episode we talk about our 2021 goals and Alex’s expectations for his new university, but not before spilling some tea about his old school. As well as Adam getting serious about his transition to UCLA.
A Girl’s Perspective
2021 Jan 051h 9m 24s
We invite a guest to give us a girl’s perspective on relationships. Enrique shows us his toxic side and Alex talks about girls fighting over him.
Is Alex ready?
2020 Dec 291h 9m 47s
We have some juicy questions lined up for Alex to find out if he's ready for a new relationship. While Enrique tries and shoot his shot with Alex.
Importance of Energy Points
2020 Dec 241h 11m 21s
We focus on short introductions and answer some basic relationship questions to help Alex process where he stands in the relationship world.
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