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Every podcast starts somewhere. Podcasts are everywhere. There seems to be an insatiable appetite for content, and everyone is turning to Podcasts to educate and entertain. It’s accessible technology for those who listen and for those who speak. Conversational in nature, it is a return to the basics of communication, that is proving to be an honest, transparent and trusted medium to share your story. But how do you do it right? These are stories of Podcasters who have failed, found success, or just kept going. Beyond the simple fundamentals of ambition and expertise, we dig into stories of finding your voice, your audience or why you shouldn't be podcasting anyway.


The Story of Pacific Content - Chris Boyce
2021 Jul 2645m 29s
Our first guest is huge, we have the one and only Chris Boyce from rockstar podcast company, Pacific Content. Pacific Content makes shows for Slack, Adobe and many huge brands. We were lucky enough to get Chris to share his experiences from the rise of this company and the work they do.
We’re back! Season 2
2021 Jul 0611m 37s
After a prolonged break, we are back with our second season of Podstarter. We hope to excite, inform and entertain you with stories from some of the podcast industries most exciting voices.
The Table Reads - Dealing with Host Differences
2020 Aug 0244m 5s
You started a show with a childhood friend, and after years of recording and dozens of episodes your audience is growing. However, the show is going in a direction you feel uncomfortable with and the tone doesn't suit you. How do you find a way to take control or go your separate ways without sacrificing all you have worked hard to build?
How To - Starting a New Podcast During Lockdown
2020 Apr 2732m 28s
If you are one of the many people stuck at home with time on your hands, maybe now is the time to launch that new podcast. Maybe you miss family and friends and want to broadcast updates or messages of support?
Girl In Space - The Creative Potential Podcasting
2020 Mar 2340m 36s
Imagine making a one off podcast and dropping it onto a feed just for fun. Now imagine getting chased by a new and sudden audience who want more. Such is the story of Sarah Rhea Werner’s Girl In Space podcast. We talked about how creative experiments blossom into new opportunities, Adapting and learning as your audience grows, and the reward of inspiring others to create.
The Boiling Point - Owning Your Genre
2020 Mar 0432m 21s
Greg Hemmings and Dave Veale were early to the podcasting game, starting their show way back in 2014. As the first team to start talking about the B-Corp movement though a podcast, they have become a go-to resource and dominant voice in their genre. We talked about being the first to launch in your genre, podcasting as a networking tool, and building live events around your show.
Podstarter - Adventures in Location Audio
2020 Jan 2718m 56s
We put our money where our mouth is and head out into the real world. Testing our Zoom H6, we use environment to explore different soundscapes and discuss the challenges of recording outside. From a normal office space, to a busy street, to a hill overlooking the city, we experiment as it happens. We cover using the different soundscapes to enhance narrative, being aware of your environment and how it can change, and extra tricks to weave your narrative.
Veterinary Innovation Podcast - Leading the Conversation in Your Industry
2020 Jan 0233m 42s
Hosted by technology entrepreneurs Shawn Wilkie and Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov, the "Veterinary Innovation Podcast" features discussions with industry leaders and innovators about the challenges they are facing and how to address them. With topics ranging from cannabis use to industry burnout, you won’t learn this in vet school! We spoke to Shawn about their ambitious, fast growth strategy that has seen some very early successes alongside some feel good moments.
Bengo Media - The Leap from Radio
2019 Nov 2942m 23s
We spoke to Steve Austins, who along with his wife Marina set up Bengo Media. Bengo are passionate about the power of audio in building loyal audiences and, with decades of combined experience in BBC radio, the duo offer the podcast industry an exciting new business model.
Bonus: Testing Our Portable Studio
2019 Nov 1128m 45s
The first full record with our flexible, teachable, portable studio. Recorded in your typical business meeting room, which was not completely silent and had no acoustic treatment, we finally get to try out our super-flexible studio. It can be rigged in an empty room in 20 minutes, can accommodate up to 6 voices (including someone calling in), and can be stripped down for hand held, on-the-fly recordings.