In the car with Clint
  • Clint Adams
101 episodes
Clint Adams talks to you during his commute to work Monday to Friday. The idea is to give you daily updates so you can dive deeper into his business operations as they happen and hopefully pick up something beneficial along the way.


COVID Update! | #InTheCarWithClint #101
2021 Jul 228m 15s
Incase you didn't know, we're in lockdown. Incase you didn't know, I don't like lockdowns...
2021 Jul 201h 33m 7s
We're finally here! Episode 100 of 'In the car with Clint'.
You will only regret the things you don't do | #InTheCarWithClint #098
2021 Jul 152m 27s
Doing something and regretting it is better than not doing something and missing out.
Make the most of it | #InTheCarWithClint #097
2021 Jul 142m 30s
You never know what life might throw at you, so make the most of it.
Pain is not a competition | #InTheCarWithClint #096
2021 Jul 143m 26s
Everyone has their individual struggles and it's not a competition.
Leading by example | #InTheCarWithClint #095
2021 Jul 134m 8s
The saying "Do as I say, not as I do" in business is a load of s**t!
Hiring a new staff member | #InTheCarWithClint #094
2021 Jul 1210m 20s
Hiring someone is only a small part of actually having a new staff member.
The things that get to me | #InTheCarWithClint #093
2021 Jul 093m 22s
I nearly forgot today... nearly!
The Key To Happiness! | #InTheCarWithClint #092
2021 Jul 082m 24s
In todays episode I talk about the one small thing you can do to keep happy... focus on yourself!