The Joy of the Lord is My Strength
  • Kevin McKanna
9 episodes
Weekly Christian Devotionals to encourage, comfort, and teach the people of God


Complete Removal
2021 Jul 264m 39s
There has been a removal of sin at the Cross of Christ, but is it complete?  Today we will look at the two dimensions of our removal of sin and the greatness of our Savior who removed it.
Where is Your Confidence?
2021 Jun 244m 51s
How is a Christian to respond to the battering of news platforms, mistruths, and all-out lies?  Have we gotten tossed about and taken the bait that our trust must be in any man other than Christ?  Where does our confidence truly lie?
With Gladness He Saves
2021 May 112m 17s
Does God begrudgingly let us into the Kingdom?  By no means.  Instead, it is with gladness that He gives the Kingdom.
Calvary's Convincing Nature
2021 May 097m 7s
When the love of God eludes you, take a look at the Cross of Christ–the ultimate display of God's love for whosoever will cling to It.
The Lord's Plan
2021 Apr 284m 2s
Amid the chaos of 21st-century life, sometimes it appears as though there is no plan, no order-just chaos.  The good news to us is the same good news to Judah in Jeremiah 29, that God has not only a plan, but it is a good plan.
The Promise of Peace
2021 Apr 244m 14s
Christ has reconciled us to God and therefore we have peace with God.  A peace that never erodes.  It's a treaty ratified in Christ's blood for all eternity.
Prayer for the Unborn
2021 Apr 214m 36s
A prayer for the end of abortion in all of its facets.  A prayer to honor life.
Having Been Saved, Now Walk!
2021 Apr 184m 45s
Being saved is the crucial step in the Christain life, but is it the final one?  Not at all!  Now that you have been saved, it is time to walk - walk the Christian walk!  Listen today.