Thoughts and Notes Podcast
  • Rian
11 episodes
Sharing thoughts anything about life, and notes on experiences and learnings.


EP 10. Finding Your Passion, Expectations, Building A Career
2021 Jul 111h 7m 50s
In this guest episode, a close college friend shared his experiences with finding his passions, how he deals with expectations from others and himself, and his take on building a career.
EP 9. Flaws & Confidence
2021 Jul 047m 10s
In this episode, I shared my thoughts on how flaws can affect one person and how to retain or regain confidence.
EP 8. Searching Yourself, Taking Up Medicine, Being A Doctor During Covid Pandemic
2021 Jun 261h 36m 17s
In this guest episode, I interviewed a close college friend. He shared how he was able to search his real self, what inspired and pushed him to pursue what he really wanted in life, and his journey to become a doctor.
EP 7. Listening to Yourself & Blocking the Outside Noise
2021 Jun 196m 27s
In this episode, I shared my thoughts on how to "listen to yourself" – how I was able to listen to myself, and how I block the outside noise.
EP 6. Building Oneself, Taking Risks, Shifting from Corporate Job to Self-Employment
2021 Jun 1149m 12s
In this guest episode, I interviewed another close friend. We talked about the things she did to build herself up, what makes her take risks in her life, and why she led to a decision of leaving the corporate world to being self-employed.
EP 5. Fears, Impostor Syndrome, Positive Self-Talk
2021 Jun 049m 30s
In this solo episode, I shared my thoughts on fears, the impostor syndrome that I feel and more people also experience, and the positive self-talk I do to help myself overcome these not-so-good feelings.
EP 4. Working Overseas, Dealing with Uncertainties, Taking Responsibilities
2021 May 2847m
In this episode, I interviewed another guest – a close friend, who is an overseas worker. We talked about what led him to work abroad, what it is like to work in a different country, the uncertainties, and the responsibilities that come with it.
EP 3. Habits, Motivation, Environment Through Relationships
2021 May 218m 12s
In this solo episode, I shared my thoughts on developing new habits, what motivation I set and how environment affects my motivation; and the notes I've taken and applied to be able to take action on this.
EP 2. Living Alone, Moving from PH to the US, Being in the Airline Industry
2021 May 1446m 9s
In this episode, I had my first guest which is my best friend. We talked about her experiences and learnings in living by herself, her move to the US and the adjustment she did, and how she got to work in an airline industry.
EP 1. Life In General, Personal Development, Sharing
2021 May 136m 54s
In this first episode, I briefly talked about my thoughts about how things have been in the current situation we are in and dealing with it; realizations and learnings that I've taken note that made me work on my growth and development.