The Learning Experience Lab
  • Dan Hasan
13 episodes
In this fortnightly podcast I’m going to be diving deep into all things teaching and learning. Engaging with teachers, students, and instructional designers, I’m aiming to share the ideas and insights from the world of education with a wider audience. So tune in and join me for your digital digest of educational experiences! Made possible by FeedbackFruits.


Episode #13: 10 Steps for Online Course Design with Richard Powers
2021 Jul 1247m 26s
In today’s episode we got hold of another inspirED speaker from the conference back in May. Richard Powers, who presently works at two institutions in both Europe and the US, has already briefly shared with us on course design considerations, but in this conversation we had the chance to go deeper still. But even with a full hour at our disposal, more topics had to be postponed to a future discussion - something we’re anxious to return to soon! As for today, we began with a discussion about the shape of inclusivity in education, referencing the UDL framework which seems to provide much-needed space for this consideration. Afterwards, Richard shares his 10 steps for online course design - indispensable information for any educator navigating the new terrain of teaching and learning today. We also broached the subject of transitioning faculty from the physical classroom to the online environment - but the full discussion will have to wait until a future episode!
Episode #12: Past, Present, and Future of Education Technology with Maria Zając
2021 Jun 2844m 1s
Today’s episode features a past, present, and future approach to the topic of educational technology with guest speaker Maria Zając. Maria has been the editor of the edtech journal 'e-mentor', as well as a professor at the Warsaw School of Economics until very recently. After a little background about the development of computers and computer science in Poland, we dive into the educational aspects around the 8-9 minute mark. We ended up talking about the problems faced when integrating technology into classrooms and learning designs, as well as the different teaching approaches needed to make the most of existing technologies.
Episode #11: Feedback - my learning edge, with Glen Wheatley
2021 Jun 1547m 19s
Right from our very first episode, Glen Wheatley has been supporting the podcast as well as other goings-on at FeedbackFruits. In his work at The University of Adelaide, Glen has been innovating with a number of pedagogic practices designed to facilitate the best course design possible. Most recently, he has been diving into feedback in all its aspects, as something that not only helps students in their communication, collaboration, and conscious thinking about the course, but also has helped Glen to reimagine his own teaching and instructional design. We consider rubrics, assessment, and even look back to intercultural and social aspects of feedback in this conversation. Be sure to check out the full conversation!
Episode #10: Researching how feedback makes us flourish with Omid Noroozi and Kazem Banihashem
2021 Jun 0239m 12s
We’re joined today by two researchers from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Associate Professor Omid Noroozi and postdoc researcher Kazem Banihashem told us all about their investigation into the effects of peer review on the quality of students’ argumentative essays. We talked more generally about the space, place, and cultural connotations of feedback in education, and later on touched on the Automated Feedback tool as another innovation in the feedback front. So tune in to find out more from Omid and Kazem about their experiences with feedback! The Learning Experience Lab is made possible by FeedbackFruits.
Episode #9: Business School Webinar Special with Jeff Webb and Mustafa Elsawy
2021 May 1140m 18s
This special episode features a recording of FeedbackFruits' Business School Webinar, co-hosted with Mustafa Elsawy, learning technologist at Georgia State University, and Jeff Webb of David Eccles School of Business. Although aimed at instructors and course designers at business schools, what we took from this conversation applies to just about anyone currently experiencing hybrid education. We start with the challenges with group work, touching on the ethical dilemmas of group grades and free-riders, and then move on to potential solutions, recommendations, and personal lessons learned from successful and less-successful attempts at integrating group work into the curriculum. So join us now for a deep and personal look into how the heroes of hybrid teaching are preparing students for their careers in business and the wider world. And we hope to catch up with Mustafa and Jeff in a couple of months, so stay tuned! The Learning Experience Lab is made possible by FeedbackFruits. Learn more about our conference, InspirED 2021 here. To receive a copy of our Business School Webinar Ebook, click here.
Episode #8: Designing the Learning Experience with Darren Hood
2021 May 0353m 3s
Today's conversation with Darren Hood saw us explore the role of design in the learning experience. As a veteran UX/LX designer who made his first webpage in 1995, Darren eats, sleeps and breathes design, and that definitely came through. We touched upon the need for empathy and curiosity in educational design, the similarities between business and education UX, and even looked at the design of FeedbackFruits toolsuite.
Episode #7: Teacher Toolset Training with Jeroen Mulder
2021 Apr 2039m 26s
Today we’re joined by Jeroen Mulder, i-coach at Nova College in the Netherlands and all-round edtech entrepreneur, specialising in training other teachers in the use of educational technologies, especially Microsoft Teams. We discuss the most useful and widely-used software used in teaching today; scaling edtech integration in classes, courses, and faculties, and the challenges to adoption, and general advice for teaching classes in hybrid and online settings. It was clear from talking with Jeroen that he has a wealth of experience and heaps of enthusiasm for what he does, and he’s determined to bring that to a wider audience in the Netherlands. And with hybrid and fully-online courses becoming such a standard, the demand is certainly there! The Learning Experience Lab is made possible by FeedbackFruits:
Episode #6: Pioneering Augmented Reality in Law Lectures with Puteri Sofia
2021 Apr 0534m 12s
In this episode we talk with Puteri Sofia, who’s been designing augmented reality into a somewhat unconventional setting in higher education: a law course at Taylor’s University in Malaysia. Sofia explains how she started using AR in and out of the classroom to engage her students with the notoriously heavy material in the domain, and where she sees the role of technology in the faculty for the coming years. We also consider the relationship between teaching and support staff, from designers to technology experts, who are increasingly seeing the need to work together and learn from each other as course content and teaching approaches are being redefined. The Learning Experience Lab is made possible by
Episode #5: Communication, Inclusivity, and UDL with Lillian Nave
2021 Mar 2245m 54s
Welcome to Episode 5 of the Learning Experience Lab: Communication, Inclusivity, and UDL with Lillian Nave. As a UDL coordinator and host of the ThinkUDL podcast, Lillian brings a vast amount of insight into inclusive and engaging practices in the classroom and in course design. And as a passionate proponent of good pedagogical practice, she had plenty to talk about with us on the subject of communication, both face-to-face and in the new normal of remote settings. Whether designing learning activities or creating the best sort of assessment, instructors have to make choices every step of the way, often knowing that the desired and effective outcomes may differ. In this conversation, we talk about some of these choices, things we do consciously and unconsciously, which have an impact on our teaching, and learning experience. The Learning Experience Lab is made possible by FeedbackFruits.
Episode #4: Feedback Practices in Instructional Design with John McCormick
2021 Mar 0939m 30s
Staying focused on feedback, today’s episode takes a different angle on how instructors and faculty design robust learning environments. John and I delve into instructional design in the military versus the classroom, the differentiation of domain-specific feedback practices, and the role and perception of reflection exercises among students and staff. Lastly, we touch upon the increasing prevalence of AI in teaching and think about how and where it can make life easier for students and teachers.