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4 girls so desperate to go back to Disney, they made a podcast about it . . . Join us while we talk all things Disney and give you insider tips and tricks on how to make your Disney Vacation the most magical ever!


Magic Kingdom - Best & Worst
2021 Jul 2424m 50s
Join the pals as we talk about the best and worst parts about Magic Kingdom. We will be discussing our thoughts on the Peter Pan ride, Fantasyland, Main Street, shows, and more!
Animal Kingdom - Best & Worst
2021 Jul 1031m 6s
Join the pals as we talk about the best and worst parts of Animal Kingdom. Listen to us talk food, shows, rides, of course our favorite topic: DinoLand, and much more!
Planning a Disney Vacation
2021 Jun 261h 10m 27s
Want to hear tips and tricks about planning your Disney Vacation? Join the pals plus guests while we discuss how we plan our Disney Vacations so you too can plan hotels, park days, fastpasses, dining reservations, and more. This is a must listen to episode!
EPCOT - Best & Worst
2021 Jun 0533m 4s
Join the pals as we talk about the best and worst parts about EPCOT. This episode highlights our differing views on the world showcase, Illuminations, the updates coming to Epcot, and more!
Disney Mix & Match: Park Updates & Favorite Sit Down Restaurants
2021 May 2924m 35s
Join the pals for a mix and match, two topic podcast! We begin by discussing park updates centered around COVID-19 regulations and things get heated as we discuss our favorite sit down restaurants that you need to try!
Disney Cruises [PART 2] - Wish Cruise Ship Reveal and Reviews
2021 May 2237m
Join the pals for part 2 of our Disney Cruise Series where we discuss the details about Disney's newest Cruiseline: the Wish. Hear about the new  dining options, amenities, rooms, and more on this week's episode!
Disney Cruises - a MUST Do on Your Next Disney Vacation
2021 May 0841m 54s
Join the pals as we talk about our favorite parts of a Disney Cruise. Learn tips and tricks, hear stories, and find out why your next Disney Vacation should take place on board a Disney Cruise.
Underappreciated Disney Movies that DESERVE Park Rides
2021 May 0122m
Join the pals on this short, but sweet episode where we talk about our favorite Disney movies that we believe deserve attractions and frankly just more attention within the Disney Parks. We will discuss everyone's favorites: An Extremely Goofy Movie, Up, The Emperor's New Groove, and more on this week's episode.
Unpopular Opinions with a Special GUEST Host
2021 Apr 2448m 45s
Join the Poncho Pals plus our special guest host, Uncle Ed, while we talk about our unpopular Disney opinions ranging from the horrors that is Tomorrowland speedway to the not so delicious mickey ice cream bars and everything in between. This will be an episode you will NOT want to miss!!
Poncho Up - Disney Merch Edition
2021 Apr 1732m 37s
On this episode, the pals ramble about their favorite Disney Merchandise and where you should be shopping in the parks and hotels.