• Ronda Frani Jefferson
11 episodes
Join me as I explore the darker side of Delaware, the crime, the scandal and even the unpredictable weather and man-made disasters. DangerinDelaware@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/DangeronDelmarva


Minisode - Betrayed
2021 Jul 2919m 3s
This is the second mini-sode for Danger on Delmarva.  This episode will cover the tragic deaths of 2 young people, a 17 year-old young woman who was on the cusp of adulthood and a 3 year-old girl who had barely had a chance to begin life.  Both were betrayed by people that they loved, and the thoughts of these actions can be truly heartbreaking.  Neither case has gone to trial yet, but arrests have been made.  As the cases unfold, I will be sure to update.
First State - First Serial Killer
2021 Jul 2150m 56s
Today we explore the First State’s first serial Killer, Steven Pannell.  He still is a mystery, though what he did is infamous.  While some reported that he had a sometimes rocky relationship with his mother, what was described does not seem to add up to the sheer hatred he had for and need to control women.  This story was horrific then, and it still continues to be.  Let’s not forget his victims nor the lives that Pannell stole from them and their families.
Minisode - Facades, Flowbird, Fireworks and the Fourth
2021 Jul 1425m 53s
Let's explore the happenings of the 4th of July weekend on the Delmarva Peninsula. While we were all hoping things would get back to normal, I hope that this is not the new normal.
Frightful Flight
2021 Jul 0845m 38s
Join me as I review the crash of Pan Am Flight 214 near Elkton, MD in 1963.  All seemed pretty normal when Air Traffic Control received an urgent Mayday call, but they did not hear from the flight again.  What took a normal flight from a holding pattern to a quick descent?
Courthouse Chaos
2021 Jun 261h 11m 41s
Today’s episode will revolve around the unimaginable acts of one family.  These acts finally culminated into the murder of 2 people, the injury of 2 others, and psychological and emotional scars to the victims’ loved ones, the witnesses to their final actions, and the community that this family violated.
Crude Carrier Collision
2021 Jun 1148m 58s
Today let’s explore 1953 Northern Delaware along the shipping lanes of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, or C & D, along with other points along and near Delaware City.  Two Crude Carriers collided - the SS Phoenix and the SS Pan Massachusetts, both owned by the same company.  Who was at fault?  What did we learn?  How would people think of this disaster in today’s terms and wealth of knowledge.  Join me as I learn about and reflect on a maritime disaster that’s impact can still be felt today.
Highway Hijinks
2021 May 2635m 28s
Join me as I explore the harrowing highways of Delaware, with accidents involving tractor trailers and less than "normal" cargo.
Two State Terror
2021 May 1234m 13s
Join me as I recall a very turbulent and tense morning throughout the Eastern Shore of Delaware and parts of Maryland, taking place in 2005. While the day started as any other, it quickly devolved into fear, dread and worry as a gunman drove through 2 states shooting indiscriminately at people, pets and objects.
World Series Shakeup
2021 Apr 2836m 52s
In this episode, I will examine a night that many people in the Northern Mid-Atlantic region remember, but not for the same reason that I will be covering.
Decisions and Drive
2021 Apr 1435m
Join me as I explore the dark side of the Diamond State, Delaware. Delaware is filled with plenty of danger, from extreme weather, to violent crimes, to unexploded WWII munitions.