Overnight Observations with Jen the R.N.
  • Jenifer Cosgrove
6 episodes
“Overnight Observations” is a podcast hosted by a night shift nurse, focusing on finding the levity within when dealing with and processing trauma. The irreverent, yet respectful, use of gallows humor as a way of preserving ones’ mental health can be life-and mind-saving; especially when it’s considered “inappropriate”.

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Laughter, Literature, and Lunacy
2021 Jul 2017m 35s
Some years ago, somewhere between our parents' and grandparents' childhood, medicine was entangled with spells, talismans, and mysticism. Those were different times; people were tougher sometimes for lack of a better option, some other times because that was how things were solved. The best part of it is that even now, in the information era, some of those homemade/mythical cures are out there, and I bet some people still try them, just in case they work.
Coffee or a Cattle Prod?
2021 Jul 0612m 13s
Going through my inbox, I bumped into an email about time management I usually ignore, and after reading it, I realized I wasn't wrong by ignoring it. However, the reading stimulated some interesting thoughts about the time we spend at work, the night shifts, and mental health.
Three (Thousand) Landscapers and a Funeral
2021 Jun 2211m 49s
I'm almost positive that if night shifters were a species, landscapers would be their natural enemies. And if I may go a little further, I would say that at least three thousand of them live in my street. However, this can be an exaggeration provoked by long nights deprived of good sleep, thanks to the extra shifts I've been doing lately.
Open Mic Night (Shift)
2021 Jun 0822m 11s
Humor comes in all shapes, sizes, diagnoses, tests, people, and so forth; we only need to find it - and when we do, we can improve our mood and the mood of everyone around us. I've learned that very early in my career, and it helped me deal with miserable and sometimes infuriating situations during my shifts.
Who Flunks Washing Their Hands?!
2021 May 2516m 49s
Very early in my nursing career, I've learned that there are some things the only way to deal with is to chuckle about them. After all, laughing at ourselves for being cracked airheads is better than having a meltdown in front of everybody.
What the H@#% is WRONG with You?!
2021 Apr 278m 28s
Having a sense of humor (be it mild or dark) when coping with sometimes extreme stressors that were “conveniently” left out of the job description on purpose, is actually good for you! Why? Because, SCIENCE!!
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