The Banana and Coconut Experience
  • Andrew and Shikha
4 episodes
Welcome to the Banana 🍌 and Coconut 🥥 Experience! In this podcast, we detail our lives as children of immigrants in Canada, sharing our life story, but more importantly, sharing the stories of the various cultures, peoples, and ideas that make up Canada. We discuss topics of diversity, inclusivity, cultural awareness, multiculturalism, but also memes, book reviews, and all sorts of fun stuff! From you favourite fobs, Shikha and Andrew 😎


Episode 5: Vernelle drops mad knowledge 🎤 (FEAT. VERNELLE)
2021 Jun 1455m 5s
For this episode, we are joined by the forward-thinking and inspirational Vernelle! We discuss his upbringing, how we all ended up meeting each other, his educational path, and his current goals and aspirations. Vernelle brings an important voice to the table: one that’s on the road to success, but for him, there’s more to life than just success. He strives to bring connection between the successful and soon-to-be successful: to expose triumphant people of colour to children of colour, and to show them there is a path to success for everyone. We hope you enjoy this wonderful episode.
Episode 4: 2 Bananas + 1 Coconut?!?! XD (feat. BRIAN)
2021 May 301h 15m 18s
In this episode, we talk to our amazing friend Brian. He shares us his story of coming to Canada as a young child, navigating his way into young adulthood, and living a full-filling life as an undergraduate, advocating for diversity and inclusion as the Commissioner of Clubs at Queen’s. He also talks about his obsession with John Mayer 😆🎵
Episode 3: Routine or Halloween? Which is more wack? XD (feat. MASA)
2021 May 161h 14m 30s
In this 🔥 episode, our good pal Masa drops some mad knowledge on life and routine, and she gives us a glimpse of her life growing up having to deal with us noobs.
Episode 2: Being Racist Isn’t Cool xd
2021 May 0258m 53s
Shikha and Andrew are back at it again, with a more serious topic this time... 🤔
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