• Devin Schadt
12 episodes
The fathers of St. Joseph is a confraternity of men who follow the timeless wisdom and example of the man who was father to the Son and son of the Father. With St. Joseph as our leader, each father strives to become as he became – an icon of God the Father. As God the Father entrusted His Son to St. Joseph’s care, we also strive to entrust ourselves as children, who are fathers, to this father who will teach us to father, and lead us to the Father. This way of fatherhood is called Joseph’s Way – The Call to Fatherly Greatness. Join us on this journey to discover the power of authentic fatherhood.


The Catholic Father Answers 5: Guys Seem to Resent Me - Any Advice?
2021 Jul 2110m 13s
In TCF Answers Episode 5, “Guys Seem to Resent Me–Any Advice?” Devin responds to the question, “In my pursuit to follow Christ, guys around me seem resentful. I’m not a petty person, just want to know how to respond.”
The Catholic Father Answers 4: Not Getting Much Out Of Mass Because of My Kids
2021 Jul 0710m 37s
Devin Schadt answers questions regarding fatherhood, authentic masculinity and the Catholic Faith. In TCF Answers Episode 4, "Not Getting Much Out Of Mass Because of My Kids" Devin responds to the question, "What would you say to a dad who struggles to get very much out of Sunday Mass because he spends most of it wrangling babies."
The Catholic Father Answers 3: What Makes A Man A Real Man?
2021 Jun 0911m 20s
In TCF Answers Episode 3, "What Makes Man a Real Man?" Devin responds to the question, "I've watched and listened to a lot of podcasts about being a real man. They talk about everything from the way you dress, how you posture yourself, passage rites, martial arts/fighting and competition, self-mastery, weightlifting etc. I've tried all of it, and though I am a relatively successful guy, at times I feel like I'm not the man...any thoughts as to what a real man is, and how to be one?"
Episode 7: Too Little To Offer
2021 May 1911m 15s
Ever feel like you have nothing to offer? You want to be more but feel like less? Your lack of talents is holding you back from doing something big? Think like this and you’ll give up on God and settle for being stimulated and satiated by the world. What can a not-so-gifted-person do?
The Catholic Father Answers 2: My Wife Has No Sex Drive - Now What?
2021 May 129m 48s
Devin Schadt answers questions regarding fatherhood, authentic masculinity, and the Catholic Faith. In TCF Answers Episode 2, "My Wife Has No Sex Drive–Now What?" Devin responds to the question, "What do you do when your wife has virtually no sex drive for a long period of time. Sometimes I feel like I am guilting her into intimacy and I wonder if the more virtuous thing is to not ask or hint for intimacy?"
Episode 6: A Sin Worse Than Sin
2021 May 0512m 26s
The self-righteous pharisee.  He is convinced not only of his own holiness but also of other’s sinfulness. The self-righteous end up alone because they don’t want to be around sinners and sinners don’t want to be around them. And we all are guilty of this sin.
The Catholic Father Answers 1: Is Sainthood Only For Religious?
2021 Apr 286m 26s
In TCF Answers Episode 1, "Is Sainthood Only For Religious?" Devin responds to the question, "I'm 23 years old, and have been married for a couple of years... and I'm starting to take my Catholic faith seriously. I love my wife but feel like I missed my calling. It concerns me that there are so few saints that are married. When I hear the scripture about the rich young ruler who wanted to follow Christ, but couldn't give God everything, I feel guilty - like I'm him. Now what?"
Episode 5: Getting Over Yourself
2021 Apr 2111m 4s
Rejection. Not being wanted. The truth is that we all need to be needed. God made us this way. But when we don’t feel wanted, we can make the mistake of forcing ourselves on others. But what if we are focusing on the wrong thing: being needed, when the answer is to focus on other’s needs.
Episode 4: Get On With Your Wife
2021 Apr 079m 47s
Why do some marriages work? Why do others breakdown? Why do some couples really love each other, while others want to kill each other? Great marriages are usually founded on one thing–forgiveness. Forgiveness may be the most common theme in the Gospels because it is a matter of life and death.
Episode 3: Not Being Enough
2021 Mar 317m 32s
Feeling like you’re not enough. Wrestling with failure. Suffer from feeling inferior? We’ve all been there. No Matter how much we have, we secretly know how little we are. How do we overcome our sense of littleness? How can we grow in real confidence? It is a dangerous thing to derive significance from men rather than from God.