Get In Your Feelings
  • Naomi Nice
5 episodes
Get in your feelings was created to air out all the dirty laundry our society ignores on a regular basis. A judgement free, safe zone to speak on personal issues, current events, hot topics and everything else that is normally frowned at speaking on. Join host Naomi Nice, as she delves deep into the hearts and souls of her listeners to bring forth truth and help every one get comfortable with getting in their feelings!


Critical Race Theory
2021 Jun 0443m 39s
In this episode, I will discuss my views on CRT and bans that are being attempted by local, state, and national legislators in our country.
Up next...
2021 May 191m 46s
What’s up next for the Get in Your Feelings podcast...
Perpetuated cycles and Slave mentality
2021 May 1911m 43s
In this episode, host Naomi Nice discusses the abuse that is silenced in the black community and how it directly correlates to slavery.
Accountability and Sexual Healing
2021 May 0349m 44s
I’m the first episode of Get in your Feelings, the tragic story of the fatal shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant is discussed, as well as ideas on sexual healing and it’s effects on the body, mind and spirit, following traumatic experiences.
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