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A podcast about life while in CEGEP and what makes this post secondary transition so special and the students so unique. Every week students from Collegial International Sainte Anne will share with you what's on their minds and what matters most.....to them.


Paging Dr. Shaonie Ton-Leclerc
2021 May 1820m 15s
This week, enjoy an interview with Shaonie Ton-Leclerc. She recently finished her second year of medical school at McGill University. She was a student at Collegial Sainte-Anne from 2016 to 2018 in Health Sciences. Shaonie shares her experience as a med student, her transition from CEGEP to university and she provides a prescription for good advice to first year college students.
Houston, we have an interview with astronaut Dr. Dave Williams
2021 May 1030m 21s
Sit back and enjoy an interview with astronaut Dr. Dave Williams. This podcast episode was made possible by:
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