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Two best friends give comedic commentary on a vast number of media events and topics, ranging from social media to gaming.


Good Cop... Good Cop?
2021 Jul 2346m 27s
On this weeks episode of the pod, Mike and Jake talk about the new 2k, interrogation, and love!
Deer In Headlights
2021 Jul 1657m 38s
On this weeks episode, Jacob and Mike talk unnecessary trash talk, deer, and the marvel show "Loki"!  Side note: This episode gets a little loud at some parts.
Content Thief
2021 Jul 0641m 53s
On this weeks episode, Jacob and Mike talk about content stealing on tik tok, new music, and e-boy wannabes!
Elementary Gladiators
2021 Jun 2246m 58s
On this week's episode, Mike and Jacob talk about the recent Tik Tok vs youtuber boxing match, NBA playoffs, and the catacombs in Paris!
2021 Jun 1334m 56s
On this week's short episode, Jacob and Michael discuss mukbangs, J Cole's disrespect to basketball, and personal stories!
2021 Jun 0442m 14s
Jacob and Mike talk about the recent NBA fan altercations and more on this weeks episode.
Drake Needs Chiro
2021 May 2851m 58s
On this weeks episode, Jacob and Michael talk about new Tik Tok trends, boxing matches, and exciting news for the future of the podcast.
Pet Purge
2021 May 2359m 49s
Jacob and Michael chop up the NBA playoffs and other ridiculous topics on this weeks episode.
1. Failing Upward
2021 May 131h 8m 11s
In their pilot episode, Michael and Jacob discuss the upcoming Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather fight, the current state of Call of Duty, J Cole's new album, and more.