Girl From Your Hometown
  • Toni Borkovic
6 episodes


#5: Back Pain and Sh*t Memory
2021 Jun 1031m 37s
Toni entertains the possibility of back pain and memory loss encountered in your 20s to be correlated to the dismissal of pain and ageism.
#4: Childhood Health Class
2021 May 3149m 14s
Toni and guest Samantha Rowe compare their East Coast and Southwestern grade-school health classes and the complications, stigmas and lingering traumas that create long-term associations between self care and insecurity that carries into adulthood.
#3: Passive Aggression
2021 May 2535m 42s
Toni and guest Hannah Camano discuss the trials, tribulations and recoveries trademarked for getting over second-hand grouchiness; and the essence of having consideration for others (and ourselves) at all.
#2: The Algorithm Part 2
2021 May 1733m
Toni and guest Travon Schake touch on the self-deprecating nature that maintaining an online presence holds, and the nature of survival in staying relevant on platforms that will be just fine without you.
#1: The Algorithm
2021 May 1616m 28s
Has a certain social media class of us graduated from the need of subtweets, customizable layouts and DMs that are NOT the equivalent of phone calls? In this episode-before-the-episode of GFYHT, the rise; plateau; and decline of other social platforms that existed before TikTok's time have created the lingering etiquettes and conversational behaviors influenced by websites that remain as all but obsolete—and Toni independently searches for reasons why.
Girl From Your Hometown
2021 May 098m 54s
Welcome to GFYHT: the podcast! Join me, @tonibork every week to discuss the ascension into adulthood with some childhood friends of mine as we exchange experiences and anecdotes on the subconscious role that nostalgia takes en route to growth and evolvement as it’s occurring.
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