Understanding Aged Care
  • Aged Care Planners
7 episodes

Understanding Aged Care is a podcast for anyone navigating the complicated world of aged care in Australia.  Whether you’ve got a loved one who’s ageing and you need to find the right support to help them maintain their independence, or you’re looking for a new home so they can feel safe and secure and you can have peace of mind, this podcast will help you work out where to start.


Permanent Residential Care
2021 May 1113m 33s
This is the final episode in our series and we cover the biggest step in the aged care process…moving a loved one into permanent residential care.
Residential Respite
2021 May 117m 37s
This episode will help you understand what residential respite is and how to access it if you have a loved one who needs a higher level of care for a short-term period.
Staying At Home: Home Care
2021 May 0910m 4s
In this episode we explore the services you can access as part of the Home Care Package.
Staying At Home: The First Steps
2021 May 098m 38s
In this episode, we explain how to get help at home through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP).
Getting Started
2021 May 0913m 30s
This episode covers what you need to get sorted to make things easier as your loved one’s care needs progress.
It's Time To Talk
2021 May 0911m 27s
Since most people don’t like to talk about the fact they’re aging, this can be the most difficult part of the whole process.
Introduction To Aged Care
2021 May 0910m 45s
So, your loved ones are getting to an age where things are getting more difficult or you’re starting to realise they might need a little more help than they once did?
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