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2021 Jun 2850m 30s
God has called us into an intimate relationship with Him. Jesus is an example to us in how He related with the Father. We consider the 'Pros' pattern as revealed to us by the pattern of Christ
Walking According To The Calling
2021 Jun 2417m 2s
Four principles of the Calling accomplished in us. Four ways we can engage to walk according to the calling
Health Benefits of Fasting by Sis. Sika
2021 Jun 1611m 37s
Fasting is a Spiritual Exercise that strengthens the Spirit but it blesses the human body as well. Discover this knowledge in this episode
The Progression of Holiness
2021 Jun 021h 3m 57s
We have been separated unto God and we must continue in the path therein
Perfecting Holiness
2021 May 2445m 29s
As we walk in the Fear of God we must understand the implications of Perfecting Holiness. We must understand the perfections and distinctions of holiness
The Mechanics of Time
2021 May 221h 9m 12s
As we Enforce Divine Purpose we need to align with the times in which the purpose are intended to be fulfilled. The quality of light holds the key to determining and maximizing the times
Enforcing Divine Purpose - The Vessel (YOU)
2021 May 2051m 30s
God created you for His purpose. You must understand your ELECTION, catch the VISION, undergo PREPARATION, experience ELEVATION and be given to CONSECRATION in order to fulfill the purpose for which God created you
Salvation: Identification to Provision
2021 May 1856m 8s
In Salvation the Lord changes our position and brings us into aligment with our identification with Him. We leave behind our worldly possessions and follow after Him through aspiration and determination. Our destination is His provision for us according to His promise
Wisdom and The Fear of God
2021 May 1348m 22s
The means to effectively produce desired results in life is Wisdom. Wisdom is found in nothing else but the Fear of God
Principles of Success
2021 May 0629m 50s
Efficiency is built on principles; Success is a product of efficiency