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Whether it is up the street or around the world, join Steve and Cynthia for travel tips and some fun. Want to tell us your story and experiences, contact us at steve@stevekee.com.


#kee2travel - S2 Ep4 - A trip to old Montreal
2021 Jul 1212m 17s
We recently visited old Montreal and had a tremendous time.  On today's episode we talk about the adventure and what's ahead in our travel plans.  Have an interesting travel story?  Drop us a DM or email us at stephen.e.kee@gmail.com and we will feature you.
#kee2travel S2 Ep 3 -- An update on Steve and Cynthia's travel plans
2021 May 279m 1s
Covid has changed our lives.  We don't (better yet can't) travel but there is optimism on the horizon.  We are so optimistic that we have booked a vacation for this fall in Jamaica.  Listen in to our update. Want to be a guest, drop us a line at stephen.e.kee@gmail.com or DM us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Where we are going: Jamaica:  https://www.karismahotels.com/azul-beach-resorts/negrilSt. Anne Spa: https://www.steannes.com/
#kee2travel - S2 Ep 2 -- Should I add SCUBA to my vacation "to do" list?
2021 May 2512m 17s
The following was first broadcast on our sister page -- The Next Phase with Steve Kee Podcast -- but it has some great ideas for travel as well. In this episode we speak with Brian Pallock of Dive Source Scuba in Durham Region.A third generation Whitby resident and 24 year Whitby Chamber of Commerce  member, Brian grew up working at "Pallock Orchards'' the family's farm, but also had the usual part time jobs at Canadian Tire, General Motors and the Whitby Parks department. Attending Durham College he earned a diploma in Mechanical Engineering and certificate in Adult Training, subsequently working in process engineering for Shawflex Wire and Cable. During this time Brian also became a certified scuba diver, motivated by a love of the water and the explorer Jacques Cousteau.The 1990's spawned a serious recession in Ontario and he found himself back in farming, expanding the farm market and crop production in both their Whitby and Courtice farms. During this time he also had the greatest success of his life, marrying his wife Tanya and starting a family. Then in 1996 Brian took his passion for scuba diving and became a scuba instructor, while also opening Dive Source in part of the farm market at Rossland and Brock, before expanding and moving to its present location in Oshawa.Dive Source is now in its 25th year of operation teaching scuba diving, selling and servicing scuba equipment and offering adventure dive travel locally and abroad. This experience base and passion to learn, grow and adapt to change has made Brian a respected business person in Durham, who strongly believes  "You never stop learning "  and that Whitby is a very special place to live, work and raise a family.To learn more visit: https://www.divesource.com/Also, do you have an interesting story to tell me?  Drop me a line at stephen.e.kee@gmail.com and we can chat on the podcast.
#kee2travel -- S2 Ep1 -- Dreaming until we travel again
2021 Feb 098m 41s
It's been over a year since we have been on a vacation.  We want to go but we also want to be safe and responsible.  COVID will end at some point but in the meantime....we make our own fun and virtual vacations.    Have some suggestions on where we should go -- email us at stephen.e.kee@gmail.com or DM on Instagram or Twitter @steve_kee.   Until we travel again....enjoy.
#kee2travel Episode 16 - Quarantine and Safe Travel
2020 Aug 249m 13s
The Canadian Government has been strict with quarantine and Covid protocols.   As frustrating as they may seem -- they are keeping us safe.
#kee2travel Episode 15 - Travel patience is a virtue....I think
2020 Jul 288m 24s
I know there is frustration about not being able to travel freely.  Today we discuss the ease of some of the restrictions and what you can, and can't do.   Time to perhaps take a trip in our own backyard....and enjoy this wonderful country of Canada.
#kee2travel Episode 14 -- They really said that?
2020 Jul 147m 39s
Love reading everyone's experiences online about travel but sometimes you just shake your head and wonder what people are thinking.   Today Steve provides some of the best questions and complaints posed to travel consultants.  Want us to talk about your favourite resort or country, contact us at steve@stevekee.com and follow the Podcast with the hashtag #kee2travel on most social media platforms.
#kee2travel Episode 13 -- Some of the best questions we get
2020 Jun 2611m 37s
You'd be surprised what people ask about before traveling.  We have the top questions you need to ask, and some you don't need to ask, on today's #kee2travel Podcast.  You have a great question, email us at steve@stevekee.com.
#kee2travel Episode 12 - Cruising....or "Time to get Ship-Faced!"
2020 Jun 1112m 16s
Face it, we don't cruise.  Never have and many have tried to convince us.  In this episode we speak with our friend Lyn Ward - an avid cruise enthusiast who sells us on the idea of one day, taking a cruise.  Got a travel story to tell us....email me at steve@stevekee.com
#kee2travel Episode 11 -- The Queen of Packing
2020 Jun 0710m 11s
I have to admit my Wife Cynthia is the Queen of packing for a resort vacation.  She not only finds the right mix of clothing, bathing suits and accessories....but in this episode she provides some behind the scenes secrets everyone should know about.