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Follow two NONGIRLY women with a 30 year age gap talk about things that matter : business, relationships, social media and more. Season 1 (The Start-Up Series) is for those interested in starting a business. In season 2 (Talk Down to Me Series), Reva and Nicole must talk through some of the most relevant issues facing women today. NONGIRLY’s mission is to build a community in which uniqueness is celebrated by setting girls free from being all the things girls they are "supposed" to be so that they can just be themselves. Follow the journey as Reva and Nicole discuss the ins and outs of business, relationships, life challenges, stereotypes, and more, and watch NONGIRLY become a success or a successful failure. Nicole is a 22 y/o college graduate from UT Austin with a degree in Communication and Leadership. Reva is a soon to be 50 y/o non-recent graduate of UT Austin who left her 10 year corporate job at Dell to become a successful franchisee for Edible Arrangements. In 2020 she sold her last of 7 franchises (after 15 years) and in 2021 started NONGIRLY.


Attracting the Right Partner
2021 Jul 3038m 56s
Is our problem that we have too many options? Particularly in dating, do we just have so many potential people to get to know that no one can commit? “If they wanted to, they would.” Instead of focusing your energy on the other person, what they think, what they like, and why they aren’t calling - focus on yourself. Do fun and interesting things!
Nongirly The Start-up: Time for a Do-Over? How We Got Our Brand Voice Wrong
2021 Jul 2846m 18s
In today's episode, Reva and Nicole talk about their decision to alter the course of their content creation, how they both knew it was the right decision, and why figuring out your brand voice is so important. They also discuss Pinterest, some social media influencers they feel represent Nongirly, and update the audience on some recent milestones of the business. Thanks for listening! Follow Our Journey: Nongirly.comInstagram - @nongirly Tiktok - @nongirlypodcastFollow Dan Stone on Instagram @dystone Check Out  Bandolier Media Company
Strong Women in the Media
2021 Jul 2344m 3s
Dispelling so many outdated stereotypes today. Reva and Nicole analyze female character types in movies and tv shows to hone in on what exactly has been unhelpful and why. A real, healthy relationship has shared control, two people who love themselves, a safe timeline, and good examples to follow.
OnlyFans vs A Traditional Career Path
2021 Jul 1650m 27s
Rejoining the conversation about, Reva and Nicole discuss why young people believe they are more likely to achieve success in unconventional ways. College students and teens feel pressure to find instant success. Everywhere they look they see examples of young people becoming rich and famous, seemingly overnight. This leads them to spend their time and energy doing “gig work” instead of just investing in a career path.
Parents You Need to Know About OnlyFans
2021 Jul 0936m 54s
Have you heard of  Nicole explains that is a platform that allows people to charge a fee for others to view their content. Sometimes the content is explicit, and sometimes it’s not. Reva and Nicole discuss the implications of this kind of exposure.
Nongirly The Start-up: Actually Setting Up an Online Store
2021 Jul 0737m 37s
Today Reva and Nicole catching us up on the Nongirly launch! Fresh from a photo shoot of happy-looking, non-posed girls, they are so excited about what they are building! But, managing the logistics for selling merchandise online is a big deal. Listen in to hear how to navigate WordPress and Facebook sales.
Positive Self-Talk
2021 Jul 0233m 30s
The best defense against all of our negative body image issues is positive self talk. Reva explains how to practice an internal dialogue that is affirming and healthy. Parents modeling confidence and functional family behaviors in the home is a very enriching thing for kids. It’s less about what role models directly say to children and more about what they do and how they act
Nongirly The Start-up: Data, Blogging, and Marketing a Start-up
2021 Jun 3017m 28s
Behind the scenes of a start-up isn’t very glamorous. Reva and Nicole have been up to their eyeballs in data entry, content creation, and marketing. And, marketing by itself is a full-time job. So, how is Nongirly coming along? Well, at the time of this recording they are 1/3 the way into 2021 and 1/3 of the way through the $100,000! So far, so good!
An Honest Conversation About Body Image
2021 Jun 2528m 43s
How you feel about your body is a big deal. (Well, that’s the understatement of the year.)
Nongirly the Start-up: The Pros and Cons of Drop Shipping
2021 Jun 2319m 2s
OK back to business! In today’s episode, Reva and Nicole talk pros and cons of drop shipping.