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Hello Guys, in this channel I along with various podcasters discuss on random, fun and political topics. Drop your comments here https://instagram.com/karuppar_podcast?igshid=1jmsz7lacwtvj We are also at various platforms https://linktr.ee/Karuppar_Podcast


E11 - BIMARU States
2021 Jul 142h 54m 39s
After a long time, an episode with my friends about reality of BIMARU States. Kindly drop your views and feedback here. https://linktr.ee/Karuppar_Podcast
E10 - News & Communication
2021 Jun 172h 11m 13s
A discussion about Evolution and Current state of News and Communication Media. Kindly update yours view on this episode. https://linktr.ee/Karuppar_Podcast
E9 - Portrayal of Women & Relationship
2021 Jun 072h 4m 15s
This episode is all about the movies we watched in this lock down, but this time we had a different prospective. https://linktr.ee/Karuppar_Podcast Do Support Sid's Channel https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC-d6zog1F2e64vo9ki5WZlg
E8 - Voiceless
2021 May 251h 59m 55s
We discussed about "Karnan" and how things shown in Karnan connect with us. And glimpse about "Neo Brahminism " and it's existence. Comment at https://linktr.ee/Karuppar_Podcast
E7 - Words
2021 May 151h 54m 1s
We group of friends discuss about "Words" and our prospective over it. https://linktr.ee/Karuppar_Podcast
E6 - Belief
2021 May 031h 47m 8s
This episode we shared our view and prospective about religion and its believes. Kindly drop yours comments and thoughts here. https://www.instagram.com/karuppar_podcast/?igshid=1mti912rsea5k
E5 - Potrayal of Village in Cinema
2021 Apr 192h 13m 35s
Just three guys randomly discuss about Potrayal of Village in Tamil Cinema and kind of shits that carried by movies. Kindly drop yours comments and thoughts here. https://www.instagram.com/karuppar_podcast/?igshid=1mti912rsea5k
E4 - Article 370 & NCT 2021
2021 Apr 0757m 37s
A naive guy who listening to a discussion about Article 370 and NCT 2021 between two advocates. Drop your comments at https://instagram.com/karuppar_podcast?igshid=wblwbad5g7hu
E3 - Kaathal & Uraiyaadal
2021 Mar 281h 24m 57s
A group of three friends just make a "Uraiyaadal" about love and its another side. Drop your comments on https://instagram.com/karuppar_podcast?igshid=1b136g6p3hysn
E2 - Voting and its Impacts
2021 Mar 201h 13m 27s
In this episode, we discuss about Voting and aspects that influence it. And why Voting is important. And its impacts.