• Vivian Ikechukwu
10 episodes
The Aura Podcast is a podcast hosted by Vivian which centers on our daily lifestyles and self elevation. A safe space to own your story, speak your truth and embrace your true self unapologetically. https://msha.ke/theaurapodcast


Unlearn and Relearn
2021 Aug 0118m 29s
This episode has its focus on those things that have become a part of us that we may portray feeling it sits well with others meanwhile it affects how you coexist with people. I talk about unlearning and relearning them so you can do better in your relationship with yourself and others.
Stop The Pressure (Your EFFORTS are VALID)
2021 Jul 1631m 9s
Have you ever realized how much you question your own efforts and the work you put into what you do? Steady feeling unease or feeling like your To-do list is really overwhelming you? That's how pressure slowly comes in and take over what you do. In this episode, I talk of my personal experience with pressurizing myself, how it affects others and how you can snap out of doing that.
Surviving as a student
2021 May 3022m 38s
Still in school so it's more of me sharing my school chronicles with you guys. In this episode, it's just me speaking on what you'll face as a student, my experiences and daily activities, what you shouldn't tolerate in school and why 💞.
Mental health struggle 1 (School + Life)
2021 May 1621m 56s
Not just being mental awareness month but knowing the essentiality of keeping your mental health in check, I open up on what has been over riding my mental health, why I had to take a break and I shared tips on how I've been able to navigate my way out of the troubles I've faced in the past month. I trust this will help you prioritize healing yourself mentally despite the stress, work and pressure. We all need to keep ourselves in check, it's the healthiest form of self-love 💞.
Let's talk "Jazzing Up"
2021 Apr 0920m 8s
We tend to experience people trying or succeeding in intimidating us or we ourselves not being confirmed or outspoken enough in some situations. This is quite a struggle for some and in this episode I talk about how you can Jazz Up and speak up for your very own self 💕. Please do subscribe and share, you can follow on IG @theaurapodcast and send in your messages on how this episode resonates with you 🥂.
Fitting in
2021 Apr 0314m 56s
Personally I feel fitting in is something we all struggle with either at some point or always in our lives. In this episode I talk about what fitting in is like and how to navigate your way out of it. ❣️.
Thriving with your words
2021 Mar 2713m 39s
In this episode, the relevance of using just spoken words to build up yourself is brought to light. We can go far beyond tearing ourselves and other people down with our words and that starts with using our words in the right way.
Healthy self relationship
2021 Mar 2012m 10s
In this episode, I talk about finding out the type of relationship you have with yourself, how to build a healthy self relationship and why it's essential to have one. Sending love and light your way as you tune into this. Feel free to reach out @theaurapodcast on Instagram.
Big Intro ✨🥂.
2021 Mar 143m 3s
This is the first official episode that gives you an insight on what this podcast is about, what to expect from the podcast and how listening to this would make a great impact in your life. Feel free to reach out to me @theaurapodcast on Instagram as more in depth sessions will be coming in the next episodes.
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