• Brother Cameron X Strange
5 episodes
This podcast provides commentary about current events and issues plaguing the world today. The commentary will include a root explanation of why these events occur and also an explanation of further unanswered phenomena about life and the inner workings thereof. These explanations will be full of guidance, entertainment and humor(dependent upon the point of view of the Listener).


How America got so rich: Slavery modern examples
2020 Aug 2545m 56s
This podcast talks about further details on how America got so rich to slavery highlighting modern-day examples.
Slavery:How America Started and maintains it's wealth part one
2020 Aug 1231m 49s
This episode talks about how Slavery began, who started and why.
Divide and Conquer examples
2020 Aug 0357m 15s
Here are some ancient and modern day examples of the divide and conquer tricknology methodology.
The Origin of the White man: Divide and Conquer. Episode 2
2020 Jul 2730m 34s
This episode explains how the White race came to Power in Arabia and in the world through the use of divide and conquer tricknology that they learned from their Father, Yakub.
Cameron's Commentary Introduction and Episode one
2020 Jul 2131m 34s
This segment is an introduction to Cameron's Commentary where we begin on the subject: The Origin of the White Race.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.