A Father's Thoughts
  • Shai Perednik
4 episodes
A podcast where I talk about my thoughts on anxiety, depression, tech, and the daily challenges of being a happily married husband with 4 kids!


S1E4 - Insurrection In America
2021 Jan 1329m 17s
In this episode I do my best to stay out of the politics and what led up to this days event.  I try to focus on my thoughts of what I saw that day and how I interpret that.  The goal isn't to put blame, but to make sense of the feelings and emotions that relate to what I saw that day.
S01E03 - Oh Them Symptoms
2020 Oct 0916m 47s
I take a walk through the neighborhood on this episode and talk about the symptoms I go through.  From short term memory loss, to shakes in my hands, to tension in the body, these symptoms are all over the place at times.  And the hope is that this helps me make some correlation between symptoms and triggers.
S01E02 - Fear a Trigger
2020 Oct 0417m 30s
In this session I talk about my triggers and what they could have in common
S01E01 - I Don't Know Why
2020 Sep 2716h 45m 30s
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