Lessons From My Father
  • David qualls
8 episodes
I missed out on the opportunity to learn some solid life lessons from my father growing up. It’s important to me that I teach my daughters lessons about life, leadership, character, etc.. My 13 year old daughter, Ella and I would enjoy walks together. I used the opportunity to teach different lessons during these walks. Ella thought it would be great to turn those lessons into a podcast so that we might be able to help other people grow as well.


Episode 8 - Law of the Lid
2021 Jul 1216m 26s
Ella and I discuss the Law of the Lid. (disregard me calling it the law of leadership, oops).  Book to reference is John Maxwell, the 21 irrefutable law of leadership.
Habits of Successful People
2021 Jul 0516m 11s
In this episode Ella and I discuss some habits of successful people and what is needed to be successful.
2021 Jun 2114m 35s
Ella and I are joined by a special guest, Lily, Ella's younger sister and my younger daughter. We discuss what success means to us.
Intrinsic versus Extrinsic Motivation
2021 Jun 1420m 21s
On this episode Ella and I discuss the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.  Book referenced in this episode is Drive by Daniel Pink.
Law of Attraction
2021 Jun 0721m 25s
Ella and I discuss the Law of Attraction Books referenced in this episode. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon HillLaw of Attraction by David Hooper
Emotional Intelligence
2021 May 3126m 15s
Ella and I discuss emotional intelligence and how it will help you be more successful in life.
Servant Leadership
2021 May 2421m 25s
Ella and I have an in-depth discussion about servant leadership and what it means to serve your team.
Management versus Leadership
2021 May 1624m 3s
Episode 1! Ella and I discuss the differences and similarities between management and leadership.