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Forte is a community-driven platform designed to bring specialist sports and fitness instruction to the palm of your hands. Through the Podcast, we aim to deliver educational and motivational content that inspires and challenges individuals to excel at the fitness and sporting disciplines they love, whilst going from strength-to-strength in their everyday lives.


Overcoming Addiction & Finding Life in Fitness.
2021 Jun 0749m 53s
Craig Cooke-Tonneson is an amazing example of how fitness and exercise can save lives.
Strength & Conditioning in Golf
2021 May 1745m 3s
Gavin Groves is a leading strength and conditioning professional, working with some of the best golfers on the European Tour.
Making Dreams a Reality
2021 May 031h 17s
In this episode, we chat with Warren Van Blommestein and Gareth Heyns as they talk to us about their love for sports, their journey's in their fields of expertise and what it takes to make your dreams a reality. Warren, a football coach from Johannesburg, South Africa, has applied his trade in the USA, Dubai and South Africa. Having worked with footballers of all ages and skill levels, Warren's insight into what it means to be an effective and inspirational coach is a testament to him as a person and leader. Gareth, a former South African senior men's hockey player, tells us about his journey, the challenges along the way and what it meant to him to represent his country for the first time and to play in the Common Wealth Games against the best team in the world. In doing so, making his dreams a reality. We hope you enjoy this truly inspirational conversation. This podcast is brought to you by Forte, a mobile application designed to bring specialist instruction to your hand. If you're looking to improve your health and fitness, pre-register today for early access to a number of specialist coaches in various fitness disciplines, offering services to help you achieve your dreams.
Get to know Craig Von Wielligh.
2021 Apr 1647m 44s
In this episode, we speak to the man we like to refer to as CVW. Craig has been involved in sports and fitness for as long as he can remember, and today he talks about his journey from an aspiring athlete in South Africa, to coaching college and academy football (aka soccer) in the USA. Craig's humility and passion for servant leadership have propelled him in his journey to international success. Having worked with PSL club, Ajax Cape Town, he went on to coach academy & college soccer in Boston before completing a move to California-based Almaden, where CVW continues to develop, grow and push the boundaries in his industry.
The Forte Mission.
2021 Mar 2455m 12s
In this episode, good friend and podcast host, Craig Von Wielligh talks to the two co-founders of the Forte App. Michele Marrai, AKA Mick, a former competitive golfer, avid sportsman and fitness enthusiast and Nkululeko Sibiya, AKA Dwight, a former provincial athlete, family man and all-round good guy. Over the course of the hour, you'll get to know the dynamic duo and learn about the mission that has driven the development of the Forte App. We hope you enjoy this episode & happy listening!
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