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Technical Difficulties (with Tyler Kerstetter)
2021 Mar 041m 4s
We sometimes don’t use our brains like we should.
College n’ life
2021 Mar 0417m 27s
Evan Reichenbach Hosts Tyler Kerstetter in a very off the wall podcast. The two get into random topics throughout the episode. Tyler goes into detail about Williamson trade and why he dropped out.
Fed-Ex Driving (with Green9Racer and Dylan Gutshall)
2021 Feb 2126m 28s
Evan Reichenbach hosts Green9Racer in another podcast along with Dylan Gutshall. He explains a day in the life of a Fed-Ex driver, and tells multiple stories of experiences he was a part of on the job (including being chased by a German Shepard). James then goes on to tell us how his username on tik-tok came to be. The three wrap up the last few minutes of the episode by making small talk on his truck and engine.
Root Beer Discussion (with Green9Racer and Dylan Gutshall)
2021 Feb 1832m 11s
Evan Reichenbach hosts Green9Racer (better known as the “root beer guy”) with the addition of Dylan Gutshall. Connection issues play a part within the podcast but the three prevail.The discussion is about his rise to “fame” and what motivates him to succeed. James (Green9Racer) explains his positive outlook on life and explains some of his popular sayings. These include “gotta have that root beer”, “gotta have that chapstick” and “Oakley check.” *Note- James audio cuts off at the end of the podcast, he reminds everyone to “stay safe and to stay positive”
Video Games/ Trial Episode (with Johnathan Phillips)
2021 Feb 1625m 8s
Evan and John talk their knowledge on video games and begin their sporadic podcasting efforts. All the meanwhile John struggles with connection issues randomly throughout the podcast. They also ramble about other things within the last 5 minutes in the episode.
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