• The Charge Down
42 episodes
In this hour of power we talk about all things Rugby League. Everything from off field dramas, player movements, match reviews and more!


Rnd 14. Origin
2021 Jun 151h 4m 34s
Week that was.
12 rounds
2021 Jun 0148m 17s
12 rounds down.
Greatest game of all?
2021 May 2559m 51s
Rugby league as we now know it.
Magic Round
2021 May 181h 16m 25s
Magic round delivered.
Walkers on
2021 May 0557m 43s
Super Sam Walker!.
benji baby
2021 Apr 2856m 1s
Benji winds back the clock.
Making moves
2021 Apr 201h 3m 47s
Loads of player movement,
6 and out
2021 Apr 1352m 12s
Morris shown the door,
Back for Round 5
2021 Apr 061h 15s
Latest news,
Rnd 3 already
2021 Mar 241h 10m 27s
Rnd 2 review,