Ways of Becoming the better You
  • Adama Porgo
2 episodes
Diary, personal life lesson, fighting porn addiction, Talk about the wonders around the world


Finding hope as an addict
2020 Jan 0410m 37s
A bad habit can turn into an addiction if the habit become your only way of copping even after realizing it’s leaping your soul away. I am addicted to PMO for the past 8 years up until now. Even though I am on day 2 of my journey being present and trusting the process is the key to a promising future.
Self Introduction & The Goal of this Podcast
2020 Jan 018m 41s
In this episode I talked about my goal for 2020 and how it came to become a goal of mine. My depression history and more very sensitive topics about my self. If you happen to connect with any of the things I say subscribe and come back so we keep growing together!!!
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