Triumph Distractions
  • Danielle Lavallee Wasson
17 episodes
This podcast is dedicated to overachievers, procrastinators, self-saboteurs, and free-spirits who don't want a boring, average life...You want to do things your own way, but you keep getting in your own way with endless distractions. You want to turn your dream life into real life. During each episode, Executive and Team Performance Coach, Danielle Lavallee Wasson helps you with simple tips on how you can boost your productivity, find your focus so you can reach your goals.


Challenge #3 - Seek and Destroy ROADBLOCKS
2021 Aug 036m 31s
I bet that after you set your goals last week, you felt pretty excited about the future. I know I did!
Challenge #2 - It's time to CONQUER your goals
2021 Jul 278m 19s
It’s time for the second challenge of the Better Leadership Challenge!
Challenge #1 - The Foundation of Everything Else
2021 Jul 208m
It’s Challenge #1 of the Better Leadership Challenge. I’m really glad that you’re part of this challenge. All of us can grow in being more effective leaders, and I think this challenge is really going to help you.
Makings of a Great Leader - Introduction
2021 Jul 182m 6s
Do you need CLARITY as a leader? Do you want to be a BETTER leader? Well, if so, this is for you!
No Way, Is That Really Me!
2021 Jun 1526m 53s
If you've ever taken a personality assessment test, you either...
Stop Email Madness
2021 Jun 0821m 15s
An Adobe study shows that we spend an average of 20 weeks a year on emails. WOW! that is a lot!
Are your meetings a monumental waste of time?
2021 Jun 0114m 32s
What if you could run highly efficient meetings that produced results?
Introducing Maikel Bailey
2021 May 1818m 32s
Maikel Shares Why He Started Coaching
Get to Know Danielle
2021 May 1815m 41s
Get to know Danielle as she shares why she loves helping others succeed.
Do You Have A Rotten Apple On Your Team?
2021 May 1123m 35s
A Gallop Survey on employees and management engagement shows that a staggering 14% of employees are actively disengaged at work.