ENRG Podcasts: The Obvious Answer with Logan Walker
  • Logan Walker
9 episodes
A comedy show where different guests join host Logan Walker each week to tackle the problems of the world and offer unconventional and unorthodox solutions. Part of the ENRG Podcast Network.


Scandals, Justice, Punishment and Bog Monsters
2021 Jul 2732m 43s
Logan is joined this week by guests Sofia Villegas and Gregor McRae to sort out what measures should be taken when the government gets caught with its pants down (literally and figuratively). On the road to holding powerful people to account, matters discussed include an idea to strip misbehaving government ministers of their homes, cars and watches, who (or what) would get the unfortunate honour of playing Matt Hancock in a movie, and some regrettable fashion decisions made by one of the guests. Listen in and find out who has the obvious answer!
Extra Time: Tales of Cuppy and Kidnapping
2021 Apr 1454m 38s
Logan is joined this week by the hosts of ENRG Extra Time, Cameron Wanstall and Seán McGill, to propose some new alternatives for deciding a game of football. During the process of revolutionising the beautiful game, they discuss matters including how team morale may be damaged if one player commits a serious crime against another, Seán's legendary cuppy final run in his youth, Cameron's knowledge of Season 1 Total Wipeout winners and if Sir Alex Ferguson possesses the ability to control lightning. Give it a listen and find out who has the obvious answer!
How To Save The World: Plagiarise Your Favourite TV Shows
2021 Apr 0740m 26s
Logan is joined this week by guests Arran Proctor and Emma Barton to figure out how to fix one of the defining issues of our lifetimes, climate change. On their way to saving the world, several solutions are discussed by the trio, including a hoover in the sky which indiscriminately sucks up pollution, litter and babies, a return to life circa 200 B.C. and if it's ok to force people to go on a year-long camping trip in the middle of the Scottish wilderness. Featuring some ideas which are suspiciously reminiscent of popular movies and TV shows, listen in and find out who has the obvious answer!
The Greatest Ghost Story Ever Told
2021 Mar 1633m 14s
This week Logan and his guests switch gears and tackle a more philosophical and spiritual issue, what happens after we die? Logan is joined by Robert Sutherland and Dillon Findlay to speculate on the nature of the afterlife, the authenticity of ghost hunting tv shows, if God is available to MC parties in Heaven, and what naughty business might land you in Hell. Listen in and receive some (not so) comforting assurances about what lies beyond, and find out who has the obvious answer.
Celine Dion and the Ministry of Defence
2021 Feb 2446m 14s
On this special episode, Logan is joined by Pop Uncultured's Gregor McRae and Robyn Goodare to deal with the influence of celebrities on our lives and society. Before figuring out the best option for the situation, they first discuss some varied subjects including Nicki Minaj's Illuminati membership, why Gregor almost never appeared on the show, the themes and symbolism present in Katie Price's autobiography and how we can all learn about road safety from a certain Royal Princess. Listen in and find out who has the obvious answer!
Parachutes, Billionaires and Shark Tanks
2021 Feb 1730m 59s
This week Logan is joined by guests Ruaraidh Holden and Sofia Villegas to sort out the issue of wealth inequality for the benefit of the world. They figure out how to make things equal for everyone, by going over topics including shooting dodgy billionaires with tranquilisers, how effective Greta Thunberg would be wielding an AK-47, if David Attenborough would survive a dunk in the shark tank and if Ruaraidh's mind has been compromised by video game violence. Listen in and find out who has the obvious answer!
Punching Polar Bears Very Hard in the Face
2021 Feb 1035m 24s
Logan and his guests Catherine and Emma tackle headfirst the issue of exotic animal ownership. Is it ok to keep a leopard in your back garden, or is it really not cool? The problem is ultimately resolved after digressions on Joe Exotic, government-approved shamans and wizards overseeing reincarnation, fist-fights with apex predators and the cost of hamster upkeep. Listen in and find out the obvious answer to this very modern and strange dilemma.
The Delicate Matter of Internet Censorship
2021 Jan 2743m 12s
This week, host Logan Walker is joined by guests Thomas McCann and Cameron Wanstall to navigate the treacherous waters of internet censorship, and figure out how it should really be handled. En route to their conclusion, they find themselves clashing over topics including battles to the death featuring Danny DeVito and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, insincere YouTube apologies from influencers in Dubai, finding yourself trapped in the deepest, darkest pits of the internet, and The Undertaker fighting a legion of unruly children.
The Perfect Voting System
2021 Jan 1942m 9s
Host Logan Walker is joined by guest opponent Seán McGill and guest moderator Jessica Matthewson to figure out the best possible system for voting. Logan and Seán each offer up an unconventional solution to the problem, along the way finding time to discuss a hatred of Gerry Cinnamon, Jessica's family links to the House of Lords and the prospect of Nicola Sturgeon being on Love Island.
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