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Living a life style of prayer
2021 Jul 0758m 27s
living a life style of prayer
The Importance of Tithing
2021 Jul 0144m 12s
Pastor Abi clarifies a statement that was said by Thando during tithes and offering that God is not authorized to bless you if you are not a consistent faithful tither
This is how the kingdom of God works
2021 Jun 2240m 28s
trusting God 4.8
2021 Jun 2241m 47s
Trusting God
Tusting God 4.5
2021 Jun 2232m 46s
Trusting God
Trusting God 3.3
2021 Jun 2246m 3s
The importance of trusting God
Prayer and Fasting
2021 Jun 2245m 16s
The importance of prayer and fasting
The role and importance of a father
2021 Jun 221h 2m 3s
a father's day sermon
Those that trust God are obedient part2
2021 Jun 0128m 43s
the importance of obeying the word of God
Those that trust God are obedient
2021 May 2430m 39s
Pastor Abi is teaching from James 1:22